For those who have missed the recent give-and-take between Wyant and Mallek

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David Wyant accuses Ann Mallek:

If my opponent was your Supervisor, we would have seen a 30% average increase in property taxes.

Ann Mallek responds.

Maybe the time has come to give White Hall their own seat and Crozet their own seat.

If nothing else, vote!

Update 31 October 2007: The Daily Progress has a story.

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8 Replies to “For those who have missed the recent give-and-take between Wyant and Mallek”

  1. You raise a good point. Will the BOS redistrict with the growth that is coming? Let’s use Biscuit Run as an example: once it is built out in the Scottsville District, those folks will have little in common with Scottsville and more in common with the folks in Redfields, Mill Creek South, and Mosby Mountain. The people of Scottsville and points south could effectively be disenfranchised because of all this growth. Seems like there should be some consideration of redistricting the Supes seats.

  2. If Ann Mallek wins, then I’d love to say it was because people really wanted a new direction. The truth though is that she might end up winning through a clever ironic twist…

    The massive development has brought in more democrats into the growth areas. The impact of these new voters was shown during the last election, and I think its quite possible that they could overturn the historically Republican White Hall District. If so, then it might be a foolish move for Democrats to ask for the district to be split, since it would weaken their vote in the rest of the area.

    Odd isn’t it, that we might finally get some measure of rural protection from the very people that moved into the developments we find objectionable?

  3. If Ms. Mallek wins it will probably be because the people of Crozet remember his last campaign when he lied about the master plan and made it look like he was going to save Crozet from the Master Plan. Once elected he turned around and voted to double the size of the plan. I don’t believe the residents of Crozet either new or old want to see Crozet grow to over 1/2 the size of the City of Charlottesville, which is where Mr. Wyant has been taking us with his votes.
    Now Mr. Wyant repeats his performance of coming up with an accusation late in the campaign trying to make the case Ms. Mallek will raise taxes by 30%, which is not true, while forgetting to tell the people that he has raised taxes by over 20 % during his term.
    A little truth goes a long way. It’s time for change!

  4. Lonnie –

    Thanks for the comment. The irony is almost too much. The demographics have changed significantly in the past 4 years. NIMBYs vote, too. 🙂

    Tom –

    Thanks for stopping by. I don’t think that the majority of Crozetians remember four years ago. I think that they see the contrast between the candidates today and will make their decisions based on those observations and opinions.

  5. Jim,
    I wouldn’t underestimate the memory of Crozetians. The master plan was the result of thousands of hours put in by hundreds of people who attended meetings and were part of the multiple committees. I don’t believe those people have forgotten the way they were betrayed by the board in general and Mr. Wyant in particular.
    With regard to those who moved here in the past 4 years, I’m sure they don’t want to see Crozet grow to a point that its not the same place they choose to set up roots and to vote for Wyant is to vote for more uncontrolled growth which is inconsistent with the Master Plan. The one thing the master plan did was to free new residents from the charge of “now that your here you want to shut the door”. The master plan set the population limit of 12,000 and that was the number not only recommended by the consultants hired by the county, but the number agreed to by the board. What new residents should realize is that taking Crozet to that 12,000 population was a big step for the residents of Crozet who accepted an increase in Crozet’s population by some 460% The master plan was a good faith attempt on the part of the residents of Crozet to share what we consider the best place in Albemarle County to live and a vote for Wyant is a vote to destroy what we have all come to love very much.

  6. Tom,

    Just for clarification, I meant no disrespect not to claim that supporters of Mallek don’t have good reasons for their vote. I’m just saying that she may end up winning because we have a disproportionate number of people from NOVa and Democratic areas that have moved to the County. Maybe those people moved specifically because of the natural beauty? I don’t know, but it’s clear that the county was far more firmly Republican before they got here.

    Now I’m not one of those new residents, and i do support Mallek. I personally don’t care whether the NIMBY vote or anger over the master plan tips the scales. I’ll just be glad to finally have a majority on the BOS that support my views of growth and the environment.

  7. Lonnie,
    No disrespect taken. I believe your right on the mark with your comments and I agree about the paradox. That said, I would hope, at least on the local level, that for the most part party lines can be blurred, if not eliminated. I believe that no matter what party you belong to, if you do, that the preservation of Crozet will trump party loyality. The one thing that residents from high growth areas bring with them is the sure and certain knowledge that if we don’t do something about growth that Crozet will not be the place we choose to move to and invested our hard earned cash to be part of.

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