This week in Crozet 10 March – 16 March

Tuesday, March 11, Crozet Fire House – Supervisor Ann Mallek

The core meeting agenda, from 7-9 PM will focus on Supervisor Mallek’s report to constituents on recent decisions by the Board of Supervisors, in-depth discussion of tax and budget issues, and open discussion time for White Hall residents and communities to voice their questions, opinions and ideas on local issues.  Before and after the core meeting, constituents are invited to talk with Supervisor Mallek about individual matters of concern.

Mallek invites all White Hall district residents to attend.  “It is my responsibility to be open, accessible, and accountable to the voters.  Many people find it inconvenient or even intimidating to attend Board meetings.  I hope White Hall residents will see this as a good opportunity to meet with me and with their neighbors, so we can talk together about how we can make our community stronger and our local government more responsive to people’s concerns.”

Light refreshments will be provided.  For further information, please contact Ann; phone 434-978-1150.

Thursday, March 13, Crozet Fire House

Mr. Fredericks of Rivanna Solid Waste will brief the Crozet Community Association on RSWA’s recent proposal to the city and county for expanding recycling efforts in the region.  Good timing to give him feedback from Crozet.  I am not quite sure about the time he will speak, but approx. 7:30 or 8:00 he’ll start.

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