After Fire, Harris Teeter will Reopen Soon

There was a fire at Harris Teeter last night. Glad no one was hurt. Update 2 July – Harris Teeter reopened today. Cause of fire: #BREAKING Albemarle Asst Fire Marshal says fire at #Crozet @HarrisTeeter was started by an employee playing w/ sparklers; no criminal charge

Harris Teeter Preferential Parking for Hybrids

From a reader : Today I was shopping at our Crozet (Blue Ridge) Virginia Harris Teeter and saw that there were special parking places given to those driving hybrid vehicles. … Driving a hybrid does nothing for planet earth and giving preferential treatment to those who do breaks the principle of justice, treating all people as equally important. If you wanted to treat some as more important than others, driving a hybrid would not even be on my top 100 categories of people to honor. … Please change your evil practice and remove the signs for preferential parking based on what type of car people drive.

Pulled from the Comments – Thoughts on Great Valu/Harris Teeter & Green House Coffee

However, there have been MANY evenings we have needed grocery items and GV is closed – that is not responsive to a growing community’s needs. … However, at HT, the e-vic specials are outrageous: a box of cereal for $.99 or a jar of pasta sauce free or a 12 pk. of paper towels for $5.77. … I bought 3 bags of groceries tonight (2lbs stew meat, 2lbs barbeque, rolls, cereal, produce, laundry & dish detergent) for $36 at HT tax included. … I will go to GV if I happen to be going that direction though, not just because they’ve been around the longest.

Harris Teeter – Not So Green? – Note from a Reader

The Crozet Gazette touts the new Harris Teeter as being the “greenest grocery” – but my experience was anything but. We’d been looking forward trying it (rather than driving to Martin’s… ever since Fabulous Foods closed, Starbreeze stopped delivering, and Horse & Buggy adopted the bad pick up time). However, the selection of natural, organic, …

Crozet Harris Teeter – Signs are In Place

Crozet Harris Teeter Originally uploaded by jimduncancville It’s getting close. I asked in November whether the new Harris Teeter will be open 24 hours … maybe as we get closer to completion the HT folks will be more open to answering a few questions. What do you think about the new Harris Teeter?