Congratulations to Devils Backbone and Blue Mountain

Congratulations to Blue Mountain and Devils Backbone. And thanks for the consistently great beer.

Devils Backbone won gold for their Vienna Lager and Blue Mountain won Silver for their Blue Reserve.


Here is the breakdown.

Beers judged: 3,921

Breweries: 799
Countries Represented: 54
Judges: 211 from 27 countries
Volunteers : 250

Also, Peter King with Sports Illustrated:

m. Beernerdness: Lucky enough to find Starr Hill Amber Ale (“The Gift of Great Beer” is on the label, and I don’t doubt it) from Crozet, Va., in D.C. over the weekend. Bold and full of flavor, like a strong Cabernet, and eminently drinkable.

Update on the Blue Ridge Tunnel

Thanks to Emily Harper for the comment:

This is an update from Nelson County, the owners of the Blue Ridge Tunnel. The Tunnel is closed to the public at this time and any unauthorized persons entering at this time are trespassing. The Tunnel walls are not stable at this time. It is disappointing that some trespassers have been leaving trash and defacing the walls with graffiti.

It is the County’s objective to restore the Tunnel and convert it to a pedestrian trail. Woolpert Inc, our architectural & engineering firm is in the process of determining the most feasible, cost effective methods for rehabilitation and design of the Tunnel and related trails. Once that is complete construction will begin as funds are made available.

We appreciate your interest in the Tunnel, are working to make it safe for your enjoyment, and ask that you stay away until it’s completed.

Nelson County’s Newest Brewery

You’ve heard of (and probably had) Starr Hill – Crozet

Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, Virginia

Hopefully you’ve been to Blue Mountain Brewery – 12-13 minutes west of Crozet in Afton.

Blue Mountain Brewery

Introducing Devils’ Backbone BreweryGoogle says they’re 52 minutes away … I might make the trip this weekend – for journalistic purposes, of course.

Read more at C-Ville and cVillain.

Devil's Backbone Brewery

Could this dream come to fruition? (from the C-Ville article)

Devil’s’ General Manager Chris Trotter tells us that Crandall and friends granted a portion of the site back to Nelson County for the possible purpose of building a skate park. “The plan is to make this area the Virginia Jackson Hole,” says Trotter, who is referring, of course, to über cool resort town Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is beloved almost as much for its dining, entertaining and non-skiing recreations as it is for its amazing slopes and powder.