How Often Do Homes Turnover in Crozet?

I got an interesting question the other day – –

How often do homes like this turn over/sell in Crozet? “This” being about 2000 square feet, at least three bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.

Looking at the question through the lens of its expected/possible value:

Looking at it by square footage …

Basically, if you sold your house last year in Crozet* and it fit one of these two criteria, you were pretty lucky.
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Walking to School in Crozet

It’s really not that far from home to Crozet Elementary, and while I wish there were sidewalks the entire way, it’s a pretty good little walk. Better yet, my small one and I stopped at Mudhouse on the way back home …

Personally, I’m grateful to live in such a walkable place.

Do you walk your kids to school?

Even better, I had my camera with me and took a few shots along the way:

** If you take pictures in or of Crozet, upload them to flickr and tag them with “crozet” – then they will be displayed in the slideshow on the homepage of RealCrozetVA.**

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Waylands Grant Market Update

For those of you not aware, I recently joined Nest Realty. One of our core principles is that we intend to analyze – and write about – the Crozet and Charlottesville real estate markets more intensively than has previously been seen. For example:

However, 2009 may be a different story. With the town home and attached home market in Crozet slowing significantly, Waylands Grant hasn’t been immune to the slowdown. In fact, since January of 2008, there have been 10 different attached homes in the neighborhood that have been listed and either were withdrawn or expired. In that same time, only 2 have sold (one of which was a foreclosure) and 1 is currently under contract.   

Until the market stabilizes and the amenities promised in Crozet (like the Crozet Library, the Downtown Crozet Streetscape Project, and the Jarmans Gap Road Expansion) actually start to get closer to coming to fruition, I expect that the attached home and town home market in Crozet will continue to suffer.

Waylands Grant market update

Read the whole thing at the Nest.

Trying Something New – an Open House in Crozet

This isn’t the standard “Open House” – it’s a community event to showcase what I believe to be a very well-priced home (that I’m marketing) in Parkside Village.

Additionally (and hopefully) if you stop by, you’ll be among the first to see Nest’s new real estate signs. (assuming they come in Friday) … bring friends who might be interested in moving to or within Crozet, come with questions about the Crozet real estate market … Saturday’s supposed to be gorgeous and there’s a great porch!

Stop by 3009 Indigo Road Saturday between noon and four or Sunday between three and five. If you have questions, please let me know.

Additionally (and hopefully) if you stop by, you’ll be among the first to see Nest’s new real estate signs. (assuming they come in Friday)

* Don’t worry – this type of post won’t become a frequent occurence, I’m just trying new things.

Search for Homes in Crozet and Brownsville School Districts

One of the single greatest limitations for buyers (or curious homeowners/renters) when searching for homes in Crozet using other home search tools is simple – you can’t search Brownsville and Crozet Elementary school districts in the same search. I have waited for years to be able to offer this type of tool.

As we all (probably) know, the two elementary school districts in Crozet are Brownsville and Crozet; now if you’re searching for a home in Crozet you can go to my nifty new Crozet Home Search page

As before, my offer remains – if you want updates for your neighborhood, specifically for under contract or sold properties, please let me know.
I will never, ever, ever spam you. The retribution from karma would be too severe.