Field School Spirit Walk This Weekend

“Join us for our 2nd Annual Fall Fest at Field School. Starting at 6:30 on Friday and Saturday, October 22nd and 23rd, we will be staging the Spirit Walk, with actors portraying characters from the history of the area through the streets of Crozet. Tickets are available in 15-minute increments at Maupin’s Video in Crozet or at Greenberry’s Barracks Road. On Friday night, we will also start to cook 60 gallons of apple butter, to be bottled early Saturday morning. Stop by to get yours either Saturday morning or Saturday night at the Spirit Walk.”

Crozet Spirit Walk 2010 – Performers Wanted!

Following last year’s Spirit Walk, the Field School is again looking for performers:

Field School is hoping to find a few more performers for their 2nd annual Crozet Spirit Walk, to be held October 22 and 23 in downtown Crozet.  The tour begins at Field School with a ride over into town, and then a tour back out to the school, with historical acts all along the way.  Last year’s walk included characters such as Mrs. Claudius Crozet, Lady Astor, Samuel Miller, and young Meriwether Lewis.  If you are interested in participating this year, write Todd Barnett at [email protected].

Third Speakers Series Event at Field School

On Friday January 15th at 7 p.m at Field School, we will be having our third speakers series event, one that has featured Michael Thompson, Joe Ehrmann and Nick Nichols over the past three years. This year, we are hosting Joe and Claudia Allen, research professors at U.Va. who have written Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How we can help our teenagers grow up before they grow old.

The following is taken from their website on the book at
Has 25 Become the New 15?
Why is it that parents who do so much for their teens, still find them unready for adulthood?
How did we end up with our teens living in an ‘adolescent bubble’ that keeps them from growing up?
Can we really do things like cut school failure rates and teen pregnancy rates in half just by making some simple, yet fundamental changes?

In Escaping the Endless Adolescence, internationally-recognized psychologists Joseph and Claudia Allen use ground-breaking scientific research seasoned with years of clinical experience to show how and why we are in danger of psychologically crippling an entire generation of young people. More importantly, they go on to tell us precisely what parents, educators and others can (and must) do differently to help their teens grow into mature, productive, happy, and caring adults.

Crozet Spirit Walk – October 23-24

Please join us Friday-Saturday, October 23-24 for the Crozet Spirit Walk. The Spirit Walk is a guided history tour of Crozet featuring 20 local actors and musicians that serves as a fundraiser for Field School. The tour ends at Old Crozet School, recently refurbished by Field School. Actors portray a variety of actual area historical figures from the 19th and 20th Centuries. Tickets ($5) are available at Mudhouse in Crozet.

Tours begin at 6:30 and depart every fifteen minutes through 8:30. Please park at Field School. For more information, please call Field School at 434-923-3435.

Update 23 October 2009: The Daily Progress has a nice story today on the Crozet Spirit Walk

Field School to Lease Old Crozet School?

This seems like a big win-win for the County of Albemarle and the Field School and a loss for Crozet Park, who have been leasing their space to the Field School.
The Daily Progress has the story:

Albemarle County officials have an idea about how to use the abandoned Old Crozet School: lease it to a private school and a nonprofit.
The Field School of Charlottesville, a middle school for boys, hopes to become a tenant, as does Old Crozet School Arts, a nonprofit that would offer classes in dance, visual arts, music, theater and other art forms.