CCAC Meeting Recap | 10/21/2015 | Infrastructure & Downtown Crozet

Really interesting Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting tonight. Downtown Crozet is going to change. Traffic is going to get worse different. Businesses will hopefully come to downtown Crozet.

Quick notes:

  • I persicoped. Live-streamed on Twitter. I think it was useful, and next time, so long as we’re at the Crozet Library with Wifi and outlets, I’ll do it again … but with a tripod most likely and my computer so I can tweet as well. But really, are they useful for you? (I really thought the iPhone should have been horizontal. Clearly that was wrong) Periscope 1YouTube version here – , Periscope 2Periscope 3 (parking discussion).
  • Discussion about the WAHS Environmental Academy (I was late, but @CrozetCommunity tweeted!)
  • Big discussion about the future of downtown Crozet, Barnes Lumberyard, commercial, phasing of the development and more. You really shoulda been there.
  • Discussion about parking in downtown Crozet, the coming Piedmont Place, and I spoke up (which I never do at these meetings)
  • Milestone Partners will be launching a new website to convey the message/brand of their project and downtown Crozet.


Click through, scroll to the bottom, and read the tweets.


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Community Meeting Set to Discuss The Downtown Crozet Initiative


A Vision for Barnes Lumber –

CROZET, VA (May 21, 2015) – A community meeting to discuss the future of downtown Crozet, specifically the redevelopment of the Barnes Lumber site, will take place on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at the Field School Auditorium at 1408 Crozet Avenue from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

The purpose of this meeting is to give Crozet residents an opportunity to share their visions and reflect on current ideas relating to the growth and economic development of downtown Crozet. The transformation of the Barnes Lumber property, nearly 20 acres located off Route 240 in the heart of downtown Crozet, will be the major point of discussion. There is potential for the redevelopment of that site to bring a lot of commercial and residential growth, as well as tourism, to the area.

The owners of the Barnes property, along with members of the Crozet Community Association (CCA), representatives from Albemarle County, and a cadre of design/development professionals, will be on hand to review the Crozet Master Plan; discuss current opportunities and challenges for the area’s redevelopment; share precedent images; and engage residents in a hands-on design effort. The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate new ideas, build consensus and develop an action plan for downtown Crozet development.

“This public engagement process is important because many folks in Crozet want a more detailed vision for downtown, as well as a road map for getting there. To be successful, I believe any plan needs broad and enthusiastic public support,” said developer Frank Stoner with Milestone Partners. “It’s imperative to hear from residents and understand what they want downtown Crozet to be, and how they think it should be achieved.”

In 2014, Milestone Partners presented plans for the redevelopment of the Barnes Lumber site that included mixed-use development (residential, office and retail space).

The Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) and County staff cited concerns over the amount of residential space in the Milestone plan. Milestone has tabled the residential uses for now to focus on commercial and civic components of downtown, in which residents have expressed the most interest.

The community meeting is free to the public. Food/beverages will be served and registration will begin at 5:30 p.m. The event will start promptly at 6 p.m. Childcare will be provided; however those in need of childcare need to register by May 24 at A second community meeting, which will serve as a follow-up to this one, has been scheduled for Thursday, June 11.