Letter from a Reader

Unfortunately, the garbage distributed throughout Crozet last night is not unique to Crozet – it was dropped off in Charlottesville a few years ago.

(did you know that the County Police have online crime reporting? I didn’t either)

This, from a concerned Crozet reader:

Good morning, all. I didn’t actually notice this trash in my driveway until another parent at the bus stop just mentioned it, but the white supremacist group, the Aryan Nation, tossed copies of their newsletter, the Aryan Alternative, in many of our driveways last night. Without evening opening it you can see the racist propaganda they’re trying to spread. Not something I want my children to find in the driveway! Not something I want to read, either.

While freedom of speech protects their right to distribute this filth, it does not protect them from littering! I called the county police, and they said that yes, because they tossed it in our driveways, we can report them for littering! Every single newspaper tossed in our driveways is a count of littering that can result in a fine. Since they distributed dozens of them, we can hit them where it hurts!!!

You can report them online in just a few minutes at

I took a picture of the paper being in my driveway and for the time being am not going to throw it out in case the police wants it as evidence. I would encourage you to do the same if you can, because with proof, a fine will absolutely stick. Even if you already did throw it out, please report it.

Now unfortunately, if they want to do this again, they legally can put the paper in our newspaper slots or even tape them to our front doors (although I would argue this is trespassing), but if enough of us file a report, hopefully they’d discover that Crozet will not be friendly toward their presence here and will get the message to stay away.