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Unfortunately, the garbage distributed throughout Crozet last night is not unique to Crozet – it was dropped off in Charlottesville a few years ago.

(did you know that the County Police have online crime reporting? I didn’t either)

This, from a concerned Crozet reader:

Good morning, all. I didn’t actually notice this trash in my driveway until another parent at the bus stop just mentioned it, but the white supremacist group, the Aryan Nation, tossed copies of their newsletter, the Aryan Alternative, in many of our driveways last night. Without evening opening it you can see the racist propaganda they’re trying to spread. Not something I want my children to find in the driveway! Not something I want to read, either.

While freedom of speech protects their right to distribute this filth, it does not protect them from littering! I called the county police, and they said that yes, because they tossed it in our driveways, we can report them for littering! Every single newspaper tossed in our driveways is a count of littering that can result in a fine. Since they distributed dozens of them, we can hit them where it hurts!!!

You can report them online in just a few minutes at

I took a picture of the paper being in my driveway and for the time being am not going to throw it out in case the police wants it as evidence. I would encourage you to do the same if you can, because with proof, a fine will absolutely stick. Even if you already did throw it out, please report it.

Now unfortunately, if they want to do this again, they legally can put the paper in our newspaper slots or even tape them to our front doors (although I would argue this is trespassing), but if enough of us file a report, hopefully they’d discover that Crozet will not be friendly toward their presence here and will get the message to stay away.

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8 Replies to “Letter from a Reader”

  1. Although it would be nice to get them charged for trespassing. Going up to someone’s front door and knocking or placing a something on the door or front porch is not trespassing.

  2. It turns out it doesn’t qualify for littering. They have the right to distribute newspapers by tossing them in people’s driveways. When my neighbor called the publisher, Glenn Miller in Springfield, MO (417-463-7703), he berated her and her neighbors as ignorant soccer moms and thought it was impossible that a neighborhood “full of white people” didn’t want to receive his fantastic publication. He said he would take her name and address and make sure she didn’t get another copy, but he started using racial epithets, and she didn’t want to give him her info.

    What about an online petition, that residents of Crozet can sign and then send to this lowlife, to let him know we don’t want this crap?

  3. Mary is quite correct about the littering aspect. Distributing newspapers is NOT littering, it is 100% protected freedom of speech, courtesy of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was written by WHITE SLAVEHOLDERS. I know how that annoys all of you mudloving White lemmings, which as far as I can tell are 100 times more worthless than the muds that are destroying the White race. I realize nothing I say can change your small holier-than-thou minds. That much I have learned. What I DO know is that when the mud flood does arrive in Crozet and Waynesboro, the racial realities outlined in the Aryan Alternative will be in your neighborhood. Crime will go up, the quality of life will go down. And rather than ‘appear racist’ and stand up for your formerly quiet, safe communities by speaking out against the outrages committed against Whites by the muds, you will perform the process known as ‘White flight’ and find another quiet safe White haven to live in until the mud flood hits that one. You will continue to do this until there are no more White havens to live in. Then what will you do? Alas, do not worry about our little newspaper espousing racial truths. If you do not want future deliveries to your home, call the number included in the paper and you can live your life in ignorant bliss when it comes to race. That is, until the invasion hits home. Then who will you complain to?

    BTW, can anyone find information about just ONE White neighborhood that went negro or mestizo and had its quality of life improved (crime went down, houses’ appearances improved, etc)? I am willing to bet the farm there has never been one.

  4. Walter –

    Thanks for the enlightenment. Thankfully ignorance remains a God-given right. Can you make your case without resorting to racial epithets?

    Please don’t make it here, as I’ll delete the comments, but feel free to provide links.

  5. Walter, you ignorant moron, and you piece of trash for littering my neighborhood….I can absolutely say my life has been enriched by in the inclusion of people from all walks of life in it. I don’t care what age, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, or even political preference someone has. I choose to associate with people who are intelligent, thoughtful, and respectable members of the community. You don’t fit the bill on ANY of those qualities and surely are lacking in numerous other ways. I may be white, but I am not your brand of white and am embarrassed that you and I could be classified together in any way whatsoever.

  6. Jim Duncan, you are right, ignorance remains a God-given right. Obviously, God smiles on you!!! As far as epithets go, you started this when you called the newspaper trash and the person that distributed them a lowlife. This is your opinion and you are entitled to it, just as I am entitled to mine saying that you are a White lemming that is 100 times more worthless than the muds destroying our race.

    What links are you interested in? My “case” is made every time a town, city, county, state or nation goes nonwhite.

    Oh, Waldo, you followed me here. Are you stalking me?

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