How Many Residents in Old Trail Walk to School?

I’m just curious. With so many families and rooftops in Old Trail, and it being less than a 30 minute walk, how many kids in Old Trail walk to school?

The above is a question that I am asked frequently when I am working with buyer clients who are considering buying homes in Old Trail.

This isn’t a slam on Old Trail, but a question to which I’d love an answer.

I would love to see a story about the restrictions that Western Albemarle, Brownsville and Henley place on walking to school … from someone who has the time to investigate such things. I know whom to talk to and have the story outline, but don’t have the time.

More kids should walk to school.

See the map? It’s not that far! Is a mile and a half really too far for an able-bodied kid (or parent!) to walk? Sure there aren’t sidewalks, but I don’t think anyone would be harmed by walking on the path that has started to be worn into the grass.

Every day that I drive through Old Trail, I see several kids waiting at the Old Trail Town Center for the bus.

As of September of last year, there were 129 kids who attended Brownsville Elementary that lived less than two miles to school. I’d bet quite a few of these are in the Old Trail neighborhood.

And here’s the thing – I know that the schools have prohibitions against kids walking to school (schools, jump in and correct me if I’m wrong) but if parents stepped up and advocated for their kids’ rights and their rights as parents to allow their kids to walk to school, the schools would have to listen.

Have a look at some the the population/density/walkability data yourself.

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I’d be interested in seeing more “walking the walk” – it’s one thing to walk around one’s neighborhood; it’s another to exercise that option beyond. Continue reading “How Many Residents in Old Trail Walk to School?”