Walking to School at Crozet Elementary

Big thanks go to the Crozet PTO for organizing today’s Walk to School Day. In spite of the sudden rain, a lot of families continued on and made it to school on foot and bike without incident. I hear the next Walk to School day is March 9.

2012-02-24 07.49.31.jpg

While it seemed that 20 to 30 kids/families walked or rode bikes, the sidewalks and roads were quite busy and clogged. If we (the community) are serious about encouraging non-vehicular transportation, infrastructure needs to be considered.

Now would seem to be a good time to strongly consider not driving to school.

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2 Replies to “Walking to School at Crozet Elementary”

  1. Looks like they could use another bike rack 🙂
    Yes, we need to spend some time and money on the infrastructure. The community wants it, for more than just walking to school, and so I really hope that the community continues to push for improved pedestrian and bike routes in Crozet.

  2. Or, use that big yellow thing with wheels on it that is in the picture.  It is called
    a School Bus. It will come by your house, pick up your kids and bring them back for free. Less vehicles on the road, less pollution, less…  On the infrastructure issue how urban are you desperate for Crozet to be? Four lane roads and double width sidewalks? Northern N. J. style or  Shortpump Va  

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