Crozet Community Advisory Council Meeting 16 April

A reminder that the Crozet Community Advisory Council’s (CCAC) monthly meeting is this Thursday, April 16, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Meadows Community Center (off Route 240, south of town on Meadows Drive).

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Tentative Agenda
1. Agenda Review (Mike Marshall – CCAC Chair)
2. Approval of Minutes (CCAC)
3. Crozet Community Questionnaire (Tim Tolson)
4. Master Plan Revision Process Update/Discussion (Lee Catlin/CCAC)
a. Preparation for 4/25 Education Session (CCAC/County Staff)
5. New Member Orientation Update (Britton Miller/New Members)
6. Train Service to Crozet: Update/Discussion (Ann Mallek)
7. Committee Membership (Mary Rice)
8. Committee Updates (CCAC)
9. Crozet Downtown Zoning Ordinance Update (Rebecca Ragsdale)
10. Development Review Update (Rebecca Ragsdale)
11. Summary and other updates/agenda items for next meeting: May 21.
12. Adjourn

The Council’s meeting agenda, minutes, membership, etc. are all posted on the Albemarle County web site.