Mountainside Grille Now open

Crozet has a new place to eat burgers.

In the former Pesto Grille space comes Mountainside Grille. Beer, burgers*, cheese fries, grilled cheese and more (menu is below). And because I know people are likely to be searching for their phone number – Mountainside Grille’s phone number is 434-823-7080.

* Mountainside is being run by a former long-term employee of Riverside Grill … I haven’t eaten there yet so can’t make any determination as to the tastiness of the burgers, but early reports are that the food is tasty.

Mountainside Grille

Storified by Jim Duncan · Thu, May 10 2012 17:40:48

@realcrozetva great food, prices pretty low compared to other similar restaurants in area1,Michelle Layman
It has great burgers! The cheese dip is yummy.Shannon Campbell Franklin

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  • Kathy Daggett

    Mountainside Grille new hours:  M-Thursday 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. – till (if there’s a crowd, we’ll stay open past 9!) and Sunday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.  Thanks for everyone’s support – last week was our first week and it was awesome, but a little crazy.  we have new servers and more cooks, so if you had a long wait we are so SORRY!  try us again – we’ll be ready for you!! phone orders:  434.823.7080.

    • carole

      Decided to give Mountainside a try this weekend and was delighted! The burgers are great…best in Crozet. They remind me of the burgers from the 1950’s.

  • Elaine

    What is ‘Crack Dip’???

    • Kathydaggett

      HA!  It’s our very own version of a yummy cheese dip – spicy!  We call it “crack dip” because one of our good friends had it and said it was so good – she was addicted!  come in and try it!  our prices are REALLY great and so is the food!

  • deborah carver

    good food, prices and nice people

  • Chelsea

    they treat their employees like Mexican sweet shop laborers if not family related and have really bad management skills. We predict that at the rate of turn over they will be losing business fast.

  • Chelsea

    What happened to Mona?

  • Hungry

    We tried to go at 7:15 and were told they weren’t taking any more orders. Not sure I’ll go back.

    • Kim

      They messed up our order and wouldn’t make it right.  It’s too bad because I really wanted to like this place.  The prices are much better than comparable restaurants in the area, but we won’t be returning.  

  • Terri

    Burgers were great.  Fries were nasty.  Will go back but not for french fries.