Mountainside Grille Now open

Crozet has a new place to eat burgers.

In the former Pesto Grille space comes Mountainside Grille. Beer, burgers*, cheese fries, grilled cheese and more (menu is below). And because I know people are likely to be searching for their phone number – Mountainside Grille’s phone number is 434-823-7080.

* Mountainside is being run by a former long-term employee of Riverside Grill … I haven’t eaten there yet so can’t make any determination as to the tastiness of the burgers, but early reports are that the food is tasty.

Mountainside Grille

Storified by Jim Duncan · Thu, May 10 2012 17:40:48

@realcrozetva great food, prices pretty low compared to other similar restaurants in area1,Michelle Layman
It has great burgers! The cheese dip is yummy.Shannon Campbell Franklin

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