A Fit Crozet

Crozet is a fit place.

As frequently happens, I was answering a question for a buyer client moving to Crozet – “where are the gyms and yoga in Crozet?” I started rattling off the a litany of such places; that led to my asking the question on the Crozet FB page.

Crozet, while not a town, is becoming more and more self-sufficient; going to Charlottesville is less necessary (unless you know, for a job). I’m hoping that Perrone Roboticsmove to downtown Crozet will be a big jumpstart for the “needing jobs in Crozet” aspect.**

That said … (let me know what I/we missed!)

Fitness/workout/healthy things to do in Crozet

*I know some people do new year resolutions, so hopefully this will help fulfill some of those!

**Maybe next time Crozet/Albemarle have a shot at a Deschuttes or Stone brewery, they won’t flub that opportunity. 


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