Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

  • ABC just called me back and said “no plans for an ABC store in Crozet on the horizon” #
  • VDOT crews were lurking about this morning when Iwent to the gym; when I left, they had lept into action #
  • Anytime Fitness, here I come. #
  • @trailsidecoffee I have calls in to the ABC department/division/whatever – waiting to hear back #
  • Check out how comcast and embarq are tracking the conversation about them at realcrozetva – #
  • @trailsidecoffee The good/bad thing is that schools will close on the off-chance we might get snow somewhere in Virginia. Maybe. #
  • Trying to source a rumour about a new business in Crozet. Rumors are good. Sourced facts are better. #

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