Brief Notes for 2009-08-23

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Why do I post these weekly summaries? Frequently, something may catch my attention during the week that doesn’t necessarily warrant a blog post, but is very worthy of a Tweet.

  • RT @cvillepiefest: RT @stevewhitaker: @CreighDeeds Are you interested in being our final judge at the CvillePieFest ( #
  • Crozet Pool is blissfully quiet tonight. Perfect weather, very few people … Nearly a private pool! #
  • Wanted to get a haircut at the new "salon" in Old Trail, but wasn't expecting $19 for a basic haircut.Guess I'll always be a barbershop guy #
  • @drinkmud Next time, go to the Waynesboro DMV in reply to drinkmud #
  • RT @MudhouseCrozet: Show tonight! 2009 John Lennon Songwriting finalist Moriah Harris rocking the Crozet Mudhouse @ 7:30! #
  • Fardowner's is packed tonight. Lamentably, they no longer have the bread and mustards. #
  • RT @ancym: Pool closed because of thunder? yeah, right. #crozetparkpool FAIL #
  • RT @cvilletomorrow: The permit for the Misty Mountain Music Festival was approved.Crozet Gazette has the details here: #
  • A question from a reader: Why did the HooK not mention the Crozet Gazette in their Annual Manual? #
  • Darn it. I missed the Crozet Business Networking forum yesterday. If there was a google calendar to which I could subscribe, I'd be there. #
  • @cvilletomorrow What was the result of the hearing on the Crozet Music Festival? in reply to cvilletomorrow #
  • Interesting the "new" Fardowners will be open until at least midnight every night. & would "like a reason" to be open 'til 2. #
  • RT @petermcarey: @ACACFitness when will @acacfitness crozet open…any word? #
  • RT @SMCCville: RT @toddwickersty -Link: #smccville #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Meetup/Tweetup at Fardowners tonight? #
  • Greenhouse Coffee in Crozet – Opening in September – #
  • @rustyspeidel Better map for Greenhouse Coffee in reply to rustyspeidel #
  • 7 groups of people in the Crozet Mudhouse right now … 6 of these are all on laptops. #
  • Good bluegrass playing this morning int he Crozet Mudhouse. #
  • This week I am committed to finally putting together the Green House Coffee story/interview for RealCrozetVA – #

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