Nelson’s Distillery Nears Completion

I might have to make a sampling trip. For pretend-journalistic purposes only, of course. From today’s DP:

The Virginia Distillery Co.’s 15,000-square-foot facility off U.S. 29 north of Lovingston looks to be completed at some point between July and September, with whiskey production and cask aging scheduled to get under way by the end of the year.

The company says its single-malt Eades brand whiskeys will be the first produced at an American distillery that features authentic copper pot stills made in Scotland and that relies on the traditional Scottish distilling craft.

“We’ll be the first distillery to make authentic single malt in the country and that’s because of our copper stills,” said Pat Jones-McCray, the company’s executive vice president for marketing and communications.

Once it opens next year, whiskey fans will have the opportunity to visit the two-story distillery located at the company’s 100-acre Eades Hollow property to observe the production process and to taste the results.

Western Albemarle/Nelson is fast becoming an alcohol aficionado’s paradise.

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One Reply to “Nelson’s Distillery Nears Completion”

  1. hey this is pretty neat stuff! Another great place to take visiting friends when in the area.

    I now need to get myself a smoking jacket. Red velvet obviously.

    I wonder if visitors will be able to purchase at this facility, or only ABC stores.

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