Pavement on Jarman’s Gap Road

Update 10 November 2011

From VDOT:

…  barring any unforeseen difficulties, the road should open tomorrow, the 11th. …


Pavement being laid on Jarman's Gap

The flattened hills really open the view of the mountains.

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6 Replies to “Pavement on Jarman’s Gap Road”

  1. Will the road be open on Nov. 12th, as the electronic sign once read or have there been more delays?  I’m so ready for it to be open.  Driving during the work/school rush hour has not been fun.

  2. Tell me about it Ashley, according to so many (Real Crozet)…it should be no problem, just an extra minute or two …right?  I will be surprised if it is done by 2011.

  3. Jim, just to clarify, no hills were flattened in the paving of JGR. Lots of big old trees were taken down, which is what opened up the view. It’s still got all the same hills. And yes, it did open yesterday, the 11th!!

      1. I think that on one (previously rather steep but short ) stretch the road has been smoothed out and the slope actually IS more shallow. 

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