Crozet Library is Going to be Built

After a seemingly interminable and often times fruitless quest, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors voted to build the Crozet Library.

From the Daily Progress:

“Best-case scenario is for a contract to be awarded in May, notice to proceed in June and for shovels in the dirt in July,” he said. “We are expecting about 12 months for the contractor to finish up all his work.”

If you’re interested in the Crozet Library saga, you can start here reading about it here.

Crozet Gazette has great renderings and a full story.

Update: Renderings below –

2012 FINAL PLAN RFQ exterior_2012_03283_17Crozet_Library_Drawings-Exterior

2012 FINAL PLAN RFQ exterior_2012_03283_17Crozet_Library_Drawings-Interior

* I would have had this up last week, but I was out of town

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4 Replies to “Crozet Library is Going to be Built”

    1. The plans for the library are included in the Gazette here:

  1. The fundraising committee is working on creating drawings on display board and possibly a 3D rendering.    If you have questions about the plans, design, funding, etc., please feel free to contact me at tfjtolson at  gmail com  or  823-5899. 

    Thanks Allie for the pointer to the Crozet Gazette story.

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