Voice your Opinion Now on School Redistricting/Future

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A note for people who are interested in the funding of the Albemarle County Public School System (ACPS):

It is my understanding that a meeting of the Board of Supervisors and School Board will be held at 4:00 p.m. on December 13. The Capital Improvement Plan is supposed to be a major topic on the agenda.  

Please remember that additions and renovations to our schools must be recommended by the School Board AND THEN FUNDED by the Board of Supervisors. The School Board can only move forward with the projects that the Board of Supervisors funds.

The agenda for the Board of Supervisors is on their webpage. Information will be released soon for the meeting on Dec 13, so make sure to follow the site.
Please feel free to forward to interested parties.

Thank you for your interest in the future of all children in the County.

This is the proposed CIP Plan (PDF)

* Editor’s note: Categorized under “Politics” because schools are the most political and politicized parts of our community.

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  1. The Board of Supervisors and School Board websites show conflicting start times for this meeting. The School Board website shows a 3:30pm start time in COB Rm 241.

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