4 Replies to “Crozet Park Master Plan”

  1. What about parking for festivals and concerts? The concert grounds & pavilion is sited where the parking is usually.

  2. I agree, it seems that the location of the concert pavilion will seriously limit what is now used for parking for larger events. Why not put the pavilion at the end of the festival grounds? It’s almost as though the planners can’t imagine an open space with multiple uses.

  3. If you look at a topography map or walk to the site you will see this area is quite sloped and a natural amphitheater. There is no funding attached to any of these items in the master plan and
    The park is a private 501-c3 and not part of the county park system. It’s run by a volunteer board and a true gem for our community. The master plan is a conceptual plan that has and will continue to evolve.

  4. I think all these planned amenities are amazing, but I echo Lisa’s comments about parking. It also appears that the skate park takes up part of the existing parking lot by the baseball and soccer fields.

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