What’s Going on At Crozet Park?

I ride through Crozet Park all the time and there is a lot happening! So much so that I asked Kim Guenther with the Park to give us an update. She was gracious to quickly email me something and it’s taken me a couple weeks to get around to posting; I’m sorry.

What’s Happening at the Park

If you’ve been by Crozet Park lately, you’ve no doubt noticed the mountains of dirt sitting south of the upper playground. Some have guessed this might be a new BMX dirt bike course or, an obstacle for a Tough Mudder event. Or, just for fun, the Park Board decided to dig up the old pool near the upper playground that was shut down and covered over when the new pool was built in 1996.  But no, none of these things are true. Instead, we are redesigning and improving the Park’s parking.  

The project kicked off in early July and we’ve pulled together key points into an FAQ. So, if you’re wondering what the heck is going on at your community park, read on…

  1. Why are we renovating and expanding Park parking?

Surveys of Park users have helped make clear how current parking is not adequate.

Anyone who has been to the Park, especially in the spring and summer, can attest to the many challenges of parking.  Park usage continues to increase especially as new amenities – dog park and perimeter trail — are added, resulting in parking that is less than adequate. To put this in context, traffic volume coming into the community-owned 22-acre Crozet Park is second only to the County-owned Darden Towe Park, a 113-acre park in Charlottesville.

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Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival – 12 & 13 October 2013

The Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival is next weekend … and they need volunteers!

Volunteer to help set up, (some trucks and strength needed) sell tickets at the gate, or answer some questions at the Information booth (don’t worry we will give you a list of answers!)  Volunteer to sell tickets or stand by the gate to greet folks with a “hello”! The pace is reasonable, the people are friendly and the weather….well we would like to guarantee only the best- but we take what we can get!

Please click on this Sign-up Genius Link to throw your name into the growing pool of folks that care enough to give an hour or so of their time! 

Crozet Gators Kickoff Event – 19 May 2013

Just received via email –

Crozet Gator Kickoff Event today at pool from 3- 5PM

The Crozet Swim Team is a perfect way to keep your child active and have a lot of fun this summer. Not only do we have an amazing coaching staff, but we have family fun events through out the summer including weekly spirit activities, a private pool party for swimmers and their families, a float in the July 6th parade in downtown Crozet and many other special surprises.

Our kick-off event is at the Crozet Pool today from 3-5 pm.

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