Crozet Park Board Elects New Officers

via email:

I would like to take the time to announce and congratulate the new Claudius Crozet Park Board officers (effective immediately)!

President – Kim Guenther

Vice President – Melissa Miller

Secretary – Nancy Black

Treasurer – Jo Ann Perkins

I look forward to working with the new officers and wish them the best of luck!

It’s been an honor and pleasure to work with all of you as President the past 8 years! We have a great group of folks on the Park Board and I’m really happy to see new, energetic faces who are willing to continue preserving and improving Claudius Crozet Park for years to come!

I would like to personally thank Kelly Strickland for his years of service as secretary!! He has been a great asset to Claudius Crozet Park, the Park Board and the community! Thanks Kelly, I have really enjoyed working with you over the years!

I would also like to thank Jo Ann for her continued years of service as Treasurer! She has and continues to be a great asset to Claudius Crozet Park and the community!! Jo Ann is always looking out for the best interest of the Park and we appreciate her keeping our spending in check! Her years of experience and expertise are invaluable!

Kind Regards,

Robbie Maupin

Thanks for your consideration and your support of the community!!

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