A Police Substation in Crozet?

Update 2/27/14 – Turns out this was requested by the Albemarle County Police Department but it was not funded by the County. More to come …

Maybe I’m mis-reading the County budget (I don’t often look at them, so I reserve the right to be wrong). Does this mean that they’d like to put a police station in the old Crozet Library/train station but acknowledge they cannot due to the budget, or something else?

Noticed this in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s story today about the proposed Albemarle County budget:

Unfunded public safety requests include a robot to sniff for bombs, a police substation for Crozet, and a “mobile surveillance unit.”

Hmmm …

From the Albemarle County Proposed Budget: (update — broken link. Thanks, Albemarle County.)

Crozet Police Substation: Request for the renovation of the old Crozet Library, with costs for site upgrades, furnishings, and police equipment. A substation supports geo-policing, improving response time and balancing police presence in western Albemarle. Work space also available to Social Services and Fire Rescue staff. Substation is not staffed 24/7 and provides only limited facilities for police operations.

Background post and community poll results from the “what should become of the old Crozet Library/train station”?

Looks like the Crozet Police Substation scored 193 – Appendix A, p. 284 (update — broken link. Thanks, Albemarle County.)

Personally, I really thought there would be more public input. Maybe there was and I missed it. At least that’s how I remember from the last CCA meeting I attended in September.

Editorial comment: And this is why I feel that the only ones who truly know what’s happening in government are those who are either in government or paid to be involved with government. /editorial

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4 Replies to “A Police Substation in Crozet?”

  1. Yahoo – we do NOT need a substation in our very visible train station. Downtown is congested enough lets use that prime spot for something else not a police locker room which is essentially what a substation would end up becoming.

  2. There should absolutely NOT be a police substation in the old Crozrt train station. The site itself is totally inappropriate. There in inadequate parking, and it is in a pedestrain area. Local business rely on the parking spaces after hours. We DO NOT need a polioce substation either. There has purposely been NO public discussion on this matter, and it has been decided on behind closed doors. This is unacceptable. Please read the following links.

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