Crozet Farmer’s Market Opens 3 May 2014

via the Crozet Gazette

The 2014 Crozet Farmers Market will open Saturday, May 3, in its traditional location, the now-renovated parking lot of Crozet United Methodist Church (CUMC). The Crozet market is a growers/producers market that gives vendors the opportunity to sell their locally grown produce and handcrafted goods to the public. Market hours are 8 a.m. till noon every Saturday through mid-October.


Update: 5 reasons to go the farmers’ market on opening day. All good reasons.

“How Does your Garden Grow” Lecture Series

Two interesting lectures coming up – 15 April and 22 April.

The Crozet Farmers Market in association with the Crozet United Methodist Church (CUMC) will host a gardening lecture series, “How Does Your Garden Grow” to benefit the Food Pantry. Al Minutolo, Manager of the Crozet Market has brought together expert gardeners Peter Hatch, Director of Gardens and Grounds Emeritus, Monticello and Lesley Sewell, Certified Landscape Designer, Arborist and Adjunct Professor of Horticulture, J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College to share their gardening knowledge and experience with you on a variety of topics.

The lectures are for new and old gardeners alike, as gardening is a lifetime experience of enjoyment and good health. In recent years, vendor fees from the Farmers Market have been donated to the Food Pantry. In 2013, the Market donated $750.00 to the food pantry and soup program conducted by churches in the Crozet community.

Also, Crozet Trails Crew workday and an art show at the Art Box.

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WAHS Leadership Program Facing Cuts?

The Albemarle County School budget seems to face budget deficits every year; this year is no exception. What are the other cuts at Western that are likely or being proposed?

Now I’m curious – what else is being cut at WAHS next year? It seems Leadership is one of those programs that should be kept, nurtured and grown rather than cut.

“The Western Albemarle High School Leadership program is facing a major cut from the WAHS administration. Currently, the administration is proposing that the program be cut from three classes to two. This means that there will be one “early bird” class and one class during the regular day, and both classes will have about 30 students. The proposal would result in the elimination of one regular day class.”

Update: Pay attention, folks.