Tabor Street Closing During the Day 17 March

Update 19 March 2014 – It snowed. Now the closing will happen, for real, 19 March.

Barring no snow on Sunday and Monday ….

Detour signals major milestone in the Crozet Streetscape Project

The closure of Tabor Street is confirmed for Monday, March 17th. As previously advertised, the closure will occur between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday for approximately two weeks. Signage has been in place since Monday, March 10, notifying motorists of the closure.

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Tabor Closing (Temporarily) 10 March

So … those of you/us who live off of Park Road, Jamestown, etc and Westhall, Parkside Village … traffic’s going to be interesting when Tabor closes.

Let’s make sure to keep patronizing those in the Square!

Tabor closing route

via email (for those who don’t know where Tabor is, here’s a map):

Weather permitting, the daytime closure of Tabor Street with detour is tentatively going to take place daily (Monday through Friday) for two weeks beginning March 10. Confirmation on the timing of the closure will be announced next week. The road will be closed to through traffic but access to private property will be maintained from High Street during the closure. Complete closure of the road will speed up the proposed Tabor Street improvements and will result in a safer construction work zone. ?

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has granted permission for this detour with specific restrictions and requirements:

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Streetscape Update 20 February 2014

via email

The Tabor Street detour will not begin on February 24 as originally discussed due to impacts of the recent winter storm.  County staff and the project contractor are reassessing the schedule and will announce the new closure date the week prior to the detour going into effect.

Streetscape – Temporarily Close Tabor?

I’m going to edit this later today when I’m able I wrote on my computer and not on my iPhone. But wanted to post this ASAP.

Albemarle County is providing the following update on the status of the Crozet Streetscape project, please continue to visit the website – regularly to stay informed on the status of the project.

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Streetscape Update – Poles down, Project Proceeding

Just received from the County –

Albemarle County is pleased to present an update on the progress of the Crozet Streetscape Project as of January 31, 2014.

Relocation of the utilities, including removing poles from Crozet Avenue, is  now 100% complete in a critical first step of the project. The County has issued a Notice to Proceed to the project contractor, Linco, with an anticipated substantial completion date of October 2014. The Contractor should be on the ground in February, with noticeable work beginning in mid to late February. The County will announce the date of the ground breaking of construction and other key milestones as soon as they are available. Please keep track of the latest developments with the Crozet Streetscape via one or more of the following methods:

· Crozet streetscape website

· County Facebook

· County Twitter

· Amail enews updates – sign up here

· County Staff drop in hours – once construction begins, the County project manager will be available on site in downtown Crozet on Tuesdays from 5-6 pm and Thursdays from 12-1 pm to answer questions and provide up to the minute information.  A detailed schedule will be posted to the streetscape website after the project groundbreaking.

Crozet Streetscape Update – 2 January 2014

via Albemarle’s A-Mail: (bolding mine)

• The utility relocation phase of the project is reaching an end with Century Link and Dominion both expecting to have their poles down within the next two weeks if not already.

• Although preliminary work on the project is already ongoing, the official groundbreaking will be scheduled for late January/early February 2014, when the most visible start of the construction will occur.

• Regarding the potential detour:

– We appreciate the communication, comments and concerns from the citizens and business owners and we will continue the dialogue.

– The Square will no longer be a part of the official signed detour route. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has confirmed that state right-of-way exists to allow for the use of Library Avenue instead for any necessary detour purposes.

– VDOT, the County and the Contractor are still discussing and reviewing the options for a potential closure and detour. If VDOT and the project team approve the revised plan, the closure and detour would be brought before the BOS in February.

• Bi-weekly updates, including the social media campaign, will start once construction activity is ongoing following the ground breaking ceremony.

• The schedule is on track for completion in October, 2014.

Get Your Crozet Streetscape News!

If you read the recap from last week’s Crozet Streetscape post, you know that Crozet is in for a bit of construction starting in a couple weeks. I’m going to do everything I can to let y’all know of happenings through the blog, Facebook page and Twitter stream (I much prefer Twitter over Facebook), and much of those updates will likely come from the County.

I’ve also set up a Streetscape blog category for aggregation of all stuff streetscape-related.

Albemarle County have set up a page for Crozet Streetscape updates.

The County has launched a website for the Crozet Streetscape project at where we will be posting important information regarding the status and progress of the project. We have posted information from the December 3, 2013, community meeting including the presentation, construction phasing and a summary of questions/answers and comments from the meeting. We encourage you to bookmark this website and visit it regularly once construction begins in early January.

Also, please note the following opportunities to stay informed about the project:

• There will be a groundbreaking ceremony in January, 2014 – details will be shared as they become available.
• The project website,, will be updated every two weeks, or more frequently as needed depending on project activity.
• The Crozet Amail enews list will receive an update every two weeks, or more frequently as needed depending on project activity – sign up for that eNews list is available at
• Social media opportunities will be available on Facebook and Twitter once the project begins.
• Members of the project team are available to speak at community meetings and will hold onsite project update drop in hours on a regular basis.