Batesville Day

Make plans to come to the 46th annual celebration of this vibrant community in the glorious foothills of the Blue Ridge!

Activities include the famous 10K Race, Yoga for All Bodies, Plant Exchange, Children’s Parade, Maypole Dance, Charlottesville Budokan, Cake Walks, Fairy House River Trail. Also a Village Fair with Poems on the Fly, the HOWS Project, Free Children’s Books, Face Painting and Bake Sales. And music by the Henley Middle School Marching Band, Lindsey and Pete Osborne, Bobby Midnight, Bluzonia, Magister of Sparks, The Pollock Acoustic Trio and Shannon Williams & the GoTos – FREE!

For history buffs, come visit the Talking Batesville History Tent. Feel free to bring your long-ago stories and pictures!

8:00 AM          10K race

10:00 AM        Music begins

11:00 AM        Fair, food and more music

4:00 PM          Closing

For further information, including how to participate in the race and fair, visit Sponsored by the Batesville Community Club (Ruritans).

Annual Artisan Holiday Bazaar – 3 Dec 2017 @Batesville Market

We’re hosting a holiday artisan bazaar and local artist showcase featuring…
Pottery, Jewelry, Textiles, Wood Turning, Iron Works, Paintings, Photography, Novels, Children’s Books, Greeting Cards, Throw Pillows, Farm Fresh Foods & Cheeses, Wine & Beer, Beauty Supplies, Decorative Gift Boxes…and more!

Holiday shopping!
Music from Jim Wray!
Local foody-food samples!
Chat with your neighbors!
Have lunch!

Central VA Blues Society Electric Jam – 15 Oct 2017 @Batesville Market

The Central Virginia Blues Society returns to the Batesville Market for an electric jam session on Sunday, October 15, 2017! Come out to hear some of the finest amateur and professional blues musicians our area has to offer, and grab a bite to eat while you listen.

The CVBS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization that recognizes and celebrates the blues as one of the most enduring, important and influential forms of American music. Its members work to promote, preserve and advance the tradition of blues music throughout all of Central Virginia.

The Randy Johnston 3 feat. Jonah Kane-West – 21 Sept 2017 @Batesville Market

The Randy Johnston 3 featuring Jonah Kane-West is a modern incarnation of the timeless guitar, organ, and drums trio sound. This combination is arguably the most versatile and fullest trio sound of all time. With internationally acclaimed artist Randy Johnston on guitar and vocals, the prolific Drex Weaver on drums, and the phenomenal Jonah Kane-West on organ, this group is capable of swinging, or rocking for that matter, with the best of ‘em. Adaptable and dynamic, it’s a jazz group at its core. Refined but not polite, it’s bluesy and funky soul music with a flair of southern rock.

Get ready – watch and listen to their version of “Don’t Think Twice” at

Mama Tried – 7 Oct 2017 @ Batesville Market

Mama Tried is Charlie Pastorfield, Stuart Holme and Susan Munson from Alligator, joined by drummer Kent Raine and pianist Sam Johnston. They play high-energy versions of vintage Grateful Dead material, along with their own songs which also reflect that spirit.

Art & Wine: Aimee McDavitt’s “Earthquakes & Redemption” w/David Tewksbury @Batesville Market

Join us as we welcome Aimee McDavitt, our featured October artist for our “First Sundays” art series. Singer-songwriter David Tewksbury will provide music, and we’ll have a complimentary wine tasting, too.

About Aimee McDavitt:
After a 25-year retreat from creating art, I have returned with quite a different perspective. I am living with chronic illness, and while it is rarely the subject of my art, this experience has emphasized the importance of learning to seek, create, and enjoy happiness within the confines of my situation. My process of creating paintings is less about the final product than it is an exhalation of personal encounters, connections, experiences, and strong emotions. I am a self-taught painter and have shown work at Studio IX, Gallery IX, and The Local. I currently have work shown at Second Street Gallery and Southern Café & Music Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In “Earthquakes & Redemption,” most of my pieces are created with acrylic paint, using free and unapologetic experimentation of self-taught techniques to create texture and mood. Drips, drops, swirling, crinkling, and layering of colors feature throughout the pieces. Use of palette knife and texture are characteristics of my abstract work. This show tells a story of the damage that is done by anger, jealousy, broken promises, heartache, even cruelty (earthquakes), and the subsequent restoration that brings hope, renewal, exoneration, and healing (redemption).

Ultimately, my painting is a vehicle for me to continue to live more fully than I ever have — to truly live until I reach the end of my lifetime. Through my art and personal connections, I endeavor to leave behind happy memories.

About David Tewksbury:

Tewksbury pens songs that deliver emotional honesty rooted in deeply felt real-life experiences. His music covers the gamut from grooving bluesy rock to lullaby ballads. As a life-long lover of music of all kinds – chant to jazz and blues, trip-hop to opera, R&B to indie pop – David Tewksbury has been performing his original songs since 1998, beginning with jazz-pop band Image, and then acoustic duo Zofia Drone through 2002, when he started performing as solo artist. Over the years, he has also offered his musical gifts for three houses of worship, spanning music styles from a cappella hymns to urban gospel. Inspired by art rock, jazz fusion and R&B on the radio, Tewksbury weds rock’s intensity to soul’s intimacy, with lyrics that cover the gamut from social justice to heartbreak to life-celebrating anthems. Van Morrison, Ben Harper, Amos Lee and Sting are solid influences, while inspiration comes from all corners of the musical prophetical-poetical world.

Kids Day with Ramblin’ Davey! Sep 10, 2017@Batesville Market

Calling kids of all ages! Come to the Batesville Market for a special event: Kids Day with Ramblin’ Davey! We know it’ll be a fun time for the whole family, but kids aged 4-7 will especially get a kick out of it. So come on by and prepare to sing and be entertained!

About Ramblin’ Davey

David Kulund, better known as Ramblin’ Davey, is a singer-songwriter and former member of the acclaimed Dream Jam Band. From beneath his cowboy hat, Ramblin’ Davey helps kids explore creativity and imagination through upbeat, humorous songs and sing-alongs. He has played for thousands of children in locations like the New York Aquarium, the Union Square Summer in the Park Series in New York City, and the Westport Pavilion in Connecticut, as well as in elementary schools, hospitals and shopping malls.

Plank Road Exchange Closing

From their Facebook page:

This past Friday January 11, 2013 we were informed by Norm Jenkins that the property is “under contract, there will be no place for us with the new owners, and that the transition will happen quickly”. Since we entered into this venture on a hand-shake and had no lease/contract, we have no choice but to vacate.

Read the whole thing. They did great stuff there and they’ll be missed.

See the comment below. Plank Road Exchange is back open.

Plank Road Exchange (former Batesville Store) is Now Open

The Plank Road Exchange (the former Batesville Store) is now open. And the sandwich I had was delicious. I’ll be back.

I was showing property to clients this morning and we went through Batesville. We drove past the Plank Road Exchange, and I made a U-turn because I saw their “Open” sign. Conveniently, my clients’ baby needed food, so the stop was well-timed (and they’re great new clients moving to the Crozet area). I took a few photos, got a juice, and left. Later today, I met another client and was supposed to meet a contractor who was serendipitously late. While waiting, we looked at the menu and decided to make a quick run to the Plank Road Exchange, and I’m glad we did.

While there, the store was what I’d hoped it would be – a place to get a fantastic sandwich (try the MC-50!*), the sides looked great and it looks like their ABC license is in the works … but what really defined the store was the friendliness of the proprietors, Aris and Jessica, their exuberance and the community they are facilitating. My client ran into her friend while we were there, a group of people were eating lunch and having what seemed to be great conversation, kids were running around (without being brow-beaten to be quiet by their parents), the pie was “delectable” … the Plank Road Store, which opened this past Saturday, was perfect.

Their opening is exciting – Batesville (based on my clients’ words, not mine; I don’t live there) – needs this store, needs this hub, needs this gathering and meeting place. I’m glad they’re open.

Or, as Lonnie Murray said:

“The store has been the cornerstone of our community and we’re really glad to see it opened again.”

Find them: (they say they’ll have “live music on the weekend”!)

– On Facebook
– On their website (under construction)
– On Twitter

* I would have taken a picture of my sandwich but I was way too hungry!