Making Military School Affordable

Representatives from Fishburne Military School will be on hand at the Crozet Public Library on Saturday May 4th to discuss the ins and outs of making a private school education affordable for your family. Celebrating 100 years as a US Army JROTC unit, Fishburne Military School is the oldest and smallest of all military schools for boys in Virginia. Its college-prep curriculum is built on the structure of an Army JROTC program. FMS has been designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies. Fishburne hosts one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation that is accredited by US Army Cadet Command.


Brownsville Elementary School’s biggest fundraiser is happening on March 7th at King family vineyard from 7pm to 10 pm – Crozegas!  It’s a casino night and silent auction benefitting the children at Brownsville.
Anyone is welcome to attend this awesome event and ticket price is: $20/person or $35/couple.

For questions, we can be reached at [email protected].

Western Albemarle High School Welcomes New Principal

From the Henley Matters newsgroup:

Mr. David Francis was appointed principal of Western Albemarle High School. Mr. Francis currently serves as interim principal at Western Albemarle, and was a part-time assistant principal at the school since 2004. His administrative experience includes seven years as principal of Nelson County High, four years as principal of Mecklenburg County High, seven years as principal of Goochland County High, and one year as principal of Madison County High School. He also has seven years of classroom teaching experience. Mr. Francis holds a bachelor’s degree in history from West Virginia University, a Masters of Education in secondary education from Madison College and an Education Specialist degree in administration and supervision from the University of Virginia. Mr. Francis was selected from a pool of 30 internal and external candidates.

Sick Kids at Henley

Reader question –

Why won’t they close the school to wipe it clean?

Referencing this story at the HooK, with 23 confirmed cases of the flu.

Henley Middle School had 153 students home sick last week out of 748– 20 percent of its population

News From Henley Middle School

I’m going to be re-publishing parts of the Henley Middle School Newsletter, as much of their news is relevant to all residents of Crozet and Western Albemarle, not just parents and students. This is not the entire newsletter; for example, I have omitted the part about student drop-off, as that is not particularly relevant to the wider community. But … the fundraising for the schools’ solar panels certainly does impact the entire community.

Operation Snowflake – Book Collection

Operation Snowflake is a project to provide a young child with a precious gift, the joy of reading. Most of us can buy a book when we want, or at least borrow one from the school or classroom library, but many preschool children cannot do so. At the time, when it is really important for them to have books to develop as readers, they often do not have ready access to them. This is where Operation Snowflake comes to play. Between now and January 30, we will be collecting new and very gently used (no torn or wrinkled pages, pencil marks, etc) children’s books to donate to local Head Start children. The books will be distributed to kids in the Western Albemarle feeder pattern first and to other areas if we collect more than needed for our area. The project does not involve extra credit or competition for prizes. We are taking part in Operation Snowflake because we care about the children in our community, and we want them to enjoy reading and to be successful in school. If you have any books to donate please take them to Mr. Chuck Miller in Room 36 or leave them in the mailroom in his mailbox. Questions contact Mr. Miller mailto:[email protected].

Green News

Three Green Things is an effort on behalf of the Henley Environmental Club, Youth Leadership Initiative, and Student Council Association to encourage our fellow students to think of small decisions we can make each day that benefit our environment.

But we want everyone to get involved too! The plan is to pay it forward by having a small group of students invite more students to join, who will in turn take the experiment outside of our school and into the community, involving parents, siblings, family members and so on.

Your student will be bringing home pledge cards. On the back are suggestions about small environmental changes we can all make. Or you can visit our website to see an expanded list or to download additional pledge cards. Join the movement today!

Magazine Recycling is here! Many parents expressed concerns during our last Magazine Drive about the environmental impact of all those magazines. PATSO parents wisely decided that we could minimize that impact providing magazine recycling at Henley. Mr. Scott and students have built us an excellent collection box so we’re ready to go. If you have old magazines that you aren’t otherwise recycling, you can drop them off at the Henley library and we will share them with teachers who need them for class projects and our volunteers will take the rest of them to the recycling center. Note: We can only take magazines.

Henley Hoops 4 Heart Celebration

Students from Henley Middle School will be participating in a Hoops 4 Heart event during physical education classes on February 12th and 13th. During regularly scheduled classes, students will be celebrating their health and wellness by participating in fun events related to basketball skills, volleyball, speed stacking, and jumping rope. The purpose of the event is to signify the direct correlation between exercise and wellness with an added incentive to raise funds as a community for the American Heart Association. The fundraising component is optional.

We are thrilled offer this event as a school-wide community service project. All students will have the opportunity to share healthy snacks, exercise, play games, and celebrate their health while promoting the messages related to heart disease prevention.

The American Heart Association will provide thank you gifts to all participating in the fundraising option.

As an added incentive, students will be selecting “Heart Healthy Teams”, dress up in red for the day, and be eligible for bonus raffle prizes.

We are hoping to defray the cost of snacks and decorations with donations from parents and friends. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or can help with snacks or decorations please contact:

Tessa M. Pehanick, NBCT
Lead Teacher, HPE
Henley Middle School

Golf Tournament Coming

To raise funds for our solar panels we invite all to participate in our Let the Sun Shine Golf Tournament which will be held in early June at Old Trail. We are looking for interested players/teams. Also, we are looking for businesses in the community who would like to sponsor our effort in any way. If you would like to learn more about our tournament, contact Mary Beth Kooken.

Journey Through Hallowed Ground

In conjunction with the UVA Summer Enrichment Program, this is a unique course for rising 9th graders. Students will participate in a leadership immersion program that places students where pivotal decisions shaped our nation. Students will look at the consequences of these decisions and others as they hike, bike, canoe and pod along this historic JTHG trail. Students may be eligible for a full scholarship! Visit for more details. Applications are due February 15.

Mark Your Calendar

January 26, Monday – 7 PM – Meeting to Discuss Proposed Schedule Change – Henley Library

January 27, Tuesday – 6:30 PM – School Board Budget Public Hearing

February 2, Monday – 7 PM – PATSO Meeting

February 13, Friday – Valentine Dance 4:00 – 6:00 PM

February 16, Monday – NO SCHOOL (Make-up day #2)

February 17, Tuesday – NO SCHOOL (Make-up day #1)

February 19, Thursday – Parent Teacher Conferences

[Click here for the 2008-09 school year calendar PDF]



The Henley website

Parent Council

The School Division website

Crozet and Brownsville Redistricting Plan Approved

From today’s Daily Progress

The Albemarle County School Board unanimously agreed Thursday to transfer 100 pupils from Crozet Elementary to Brownsville Elementary. The affected pupils live in the Grayrock area.

The proposal is part of a long-term plan to handle the increase in students in Crozet. Crozet Elementary, which has a capacity for 380 students, has an enrollment of 428.

Because there is little room for expansion at Crozet Elementary, the county is building a $10.27 million expansion to Brownsville Elementary. The expansion, which includes a new wing of classrooms, more kitchen space and a new gymnasium, is slated to be finished in the spring.

There are 402 students at Brownsville Elementary, and the additions will allow for 716, according to a school official.

The transfer of the 100 pupils will take effect next school year, Wheeler said.

In May, it was noted that only 15 people had expressed opinions about the redistricting plans.

If you are thinking about buying (or selling, really) in Crozet – check the school district yourself – don’t necessarily trust the MLS (as much as it pains me, as a Realtor, to write that).

A Slower Master Plan and Redistricting

Two stories of note from the Daily Progress –

Crozet Elementary may move 101 kids to Brownsville Elementary

Interesting is this –

In February, school officials developed four options for moving students from Crozet to Brownsville and gave parents several months to voice their concerns and opinions.

Only 15 people had weighed in on the options by the end of the summer, said Maury Brown, spokeswoman for the school division.

If we don’t tell our elected officials ahead of the time to make the decision what our intentions are, how can we expect them to follow our direction?

And –

Economy could slow Crozet master plan

Residents are “exasperated” by the slow progress of the projects, said Michael Marshall, chairman of the advisory council. “It just seems like the county cannot stay on schedule.”

Marshall, who’s also the editor of the Crozet Gazette, argues that “if the county drags its feet” on plans for a concentrated area of development in downtown Crozet, sprawl will occur in the meantime.

As for the plans to develop the downtown, “Nobody in Crozet disagrees with what the projects are,” Marshall said. “The citizens of Crozet were happy with the master plan. … Let’s get it done.”

Piece by Peace in Crozet

Thanks to Better World Betty:

Peace by Piece

Henley Middle School Rt. 250 West in Crozet

May 29th

4:30 – 7

Peace by Piece at Henley Middle School on Rt. 250 West in Crozet. This is a silent auction of student made crafts, depicting a vision of a better world. All proceeds go to save the world projects selected by the students. This year we will contribute to building a well in Haiti, and to the Central American Solar Energy Project, which teaches women to build their own solar ovens. In addition to the quilts and floorcloths made by students, many are refinishing and reinvigorating old chairs, tables and bookcases. There is also a “friends and family” table of crafts created by our school community. We’ll also be selling great grocery bags with the words “Neither, thank you.” on them. In green, of course. All are welcome, no entry fee.

Read more at Betty’s site.