Crozet Community Association meeting – July

Mark your calendars for this Thursday! This “Growth Summit” seems interesting. The more public involvement, the better.

From the CCA’s listserv:

We are scheduled to have the requested July meeting this week on Thursday at 7:30 at the Firehouse.  This is a special summer meeting called to address issues related to the rapid development going on around Crozet. 

There will be a report from the Crozet Community Advisory Council, the Board of Supervisors’ appointed group that is asked to advise the BOS on Crozet concerns.  It has met three times and is asking for public input.

There will be discussion of a proposal to hold a “Growth Summit” in Crozet in September, where the general public, members of the BOS, the Advisory Committee, and others will address the build-out projections, the development of commercial space in and around Crozet, the  re-zoning process, the protection of rural space, and other concerns.  People from other growth areas in the County would be invited to attend.

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