Last night’s Crozet Communication Association meeting

A roundup of last night’s CCA meeting is coming, but I wanted to briefly note a couple of things:

1) The attendance by the County was fantastic – Lee Caitlin, Rebecca Ragsdale, Tom Foley and Susan Stimart. David Wyant was absent. Thank you.

2)  About 35 -40 residents turned out – a relatively large number for a summer meeting.

3) The Crozet Library project may have some interesting developments coming down the pike. With a bit more investigation, I will write more.

4) In discussing the perceived poor implementation of the Western Connector and the lack of bike lanes, it was said that – wait for it – “The sidewalks ARE the bike lanes.”

Crozet Master Plan is here.

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2 Replies to “Last night’s Crozet Communication Association meeting”

  1. Bicycling on sidewalks isn’t just a violation of local law, it’s a violation of state law. It’s somewhere in section 18.2 — the criminal code — if memory serves.

  2. It was also stated that this was the “by-right” part of the Old Trail development, so they were not obligated to follow the actual Master Plan. I don’t know if this is speculation or innuendo, but I cannot imagine somebody short-changing the community simply because they could.

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