Sick Kids at Henley

Reader question –

Why won’t they close the school to wipe it clean?

Referencing this story at the HooK, with 23 confirmed cases of the flu.

Henley Middle School had 153 students home sick last week out of 748– 20 percent of its population

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3 Replies to “Sick Kids at Henley”

  1. Hey Jim! I have 2 kids out with the flu, my 14 year old (who goes to Henley) has been out since last Tuesday and yes, both my kids had the flu shot. I ended up at Pediatrics Sunday night and asked the same question of the doctor (because I was wondering the same thing) and he said it wouldn't help. Washing hands well and sneezing/coughing into tissues are the best way to stop spreading it. So far, knock on wood, even though I've been surrounded by it, I've not gotten it nor has my husband! In my honest, humble opinion, parents are sending their kids back too early. My 14 year old went back this Tuesday, came home looking worse than she had and has been out the rest of this week. I've heard from other parents the same type of story. It's tough to keep them out for so long, but its better for them and the other students in their schools……just my opinion.
    Love this blog!

  2. I have one student in Henley, had the flu shot and was out for several days. I understand closing the school won't help but the amount of school work the kids are missing and are getting behind is also NOT helping them as a student. Maybe if they had closed the school for a couple of days so that kids could heal, then parents wouldn't send sick kids to school to keep spreading germs. I hate to send my kid to school but then they get too far behind and it's difficult for the teachers and students to get caught up. Along with teachers now getting sick, so far 2 of my sons teachers are or have gotten sick recently.Thx

  3. Wall-E, I was commenting on the question about closing the school to wipe it down. I actually agree with you that closing school so that everyone could heal would have been a wonderful idea. My daughter is honor roll, honors classes so I COMPLETELY understand about the kids missing so much work. But I also don't want her to come home looking like she did Tuesday…..just my opinion.

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