Goodbye Uncle Charlies, Hello Mudhouse

The rumor from January – “Rumor – Mudhouse coming to Crozet!” turns out to be true.

More at the HooK.

Candidly, my feelings are mixed – Crozet needs a good bar, but a good coffee shop as well. (Trailside Coffee is coming soon to Old Trail) Hopefully, this will lead to a continued resurgence of Downtown Crozet.

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3 Replies to “Goodbye Uncle Charlies, Hello Mudhouse”

  1. That will be awesome. I might do more walking in my lunch break. It is frustrating seeing things move out of downtown (the credit union, some day the library I guess) since I can walk to everything that's there.

  2. We don't need Mud House. We need a bar to drink beer and watch football in without driving to c-ville. wlso, We already have a coffee place whose shop is coming soon…and they are a LOCAL CROZET business. We do not need another. Mud House is a Charlottesville business and should stay in CHARLOTTESVILLE.

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