Piece by Peace in Crozet

Thanks to Better World Betty:

Peace by Piece

Henley Middle School Rt. 250 West in Crozet

May 29th

4:30 – 7

Peace by Piece at Henley Middle School on Rt. 250 West in Crozet. This is a silent auction of student made crafts, depicting a vision of a better world. All proceeds go to save the world projects selected by the students. This year we will contribute to building a well in Haiti, and to the Central American Solar Energy Project, which teaches women to build their own solar ovens. In addition to the quilts and floorcloths made by students, many are refinishing and reinvigorating old chairs, tables and bookcases. There is also a “friends and family” table of crafts created by our school community. We’ll also be selling great grocery bags with the words “Neither, thank you.” on them. In green, of course. All are welcome, no entry fee.

Read more at Betty’s site.

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