Crozet Park Gets Funding for Perimeter Trail

This is cool.

From Crozet Park’s Facebook page: (and RealCrozetVA)

We have some exciting news to share!! The Federal Highway Administration will provide us with a recreational trails grant. This grant plus the generous private match from the Neumeister family will allow us to proceed with building the long awaited Perimeter Trail. Creation of this trail has been on the Park’s master plan for many years, and respondents to last year’s Park survey overwhelmingly chose the Perimeter Trail as the most beneficial addition to our Park.

Background from the Crozet Gazette:

We are poised to start several Park projects in 2015:

Perimeter Trail: a paved, 8-foot wide, multi-use path, almost a mile in length, will go around the entire Park. Funding for this project would come from a grant the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) along with a generous gift from a local family. Our goal is to break ground in early summer.

Crozet Park is (seemingly) quickly becoming more and more of a destination location in Crozet … now … how about sidewalks on Park & Tabor?

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Putting Your House on the Market in Crozet Soon?

* this is a real estate post. I’m actually a real estate agent in real life.

Thinking about moving over the next several months? Call me for your complimentary professional photos NOW while everything is green.

No obligation to list with me, but if you do, we’ll have great photos to use!

Taking pictures now is critical for the winter and spring market.

This picture of Grayrock remains one of my favorite examples of why taking pictures in the fall is critical:

This is why I advise my clients to take pictures of their houses in the fall.

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CCAC Meeting – August 2015 – Master Plan, Exit 107, Downtown Crozet

CCAC Meeting 19 August 2015 #CCAC0815
CCAC Meeting 19 August 2015

I’m going to update this in a bit, but wanted to publish it tonight. Click through, scroll to the bottom and work your way up.

Highlights (acknowledging that it’s not quite fair to pull some of these out of context):

Our Delegate, Steve Landes was present for his first CCAC meeting
– The Downtown Crozet Initiative is ongoing. Milestone hopes to have better information/drawings/visuals in September/October.
Mike Marshall introduced Warren Byrd, the “architect of the Crozet Plan” to talk about his plan for the redeveloping of Downtown Crozet.
– Warren Byrd acknowledged that the Master Plan should be malleable, and adapt.
The Exit 107 resolution (I couldn’t find it online) was approved unanimously. I’m guessing it said something to the effect of “don’t grow here, and if you do, make it great.” Update: the CCA now has the passed resolution (PDF) up. Update #2: After a Twitter conversation with CCAC Chair Jennie More (see conversation in the Storify), resolutions will now be posted before public meetings. Thanks, Jennie!
The CCA have updated their agenda with links to the proposed Block Plan and the two now-passed Resolutions. (and thanks for posting so late at night!)


CCAC Meeting – 19 August 2015

From the Crozet Community Association blog – anyone going to live-tweet it with me? Hashtag – #CCAC0815

Crozet Library Community Room, 2020 Library Avenue, Crozet
Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Click here for PDF (printable) version of the agenda.


1. Agenda Review. (Jennie More – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes (Click here for draft June 15, 2015 meeting minutes.)

3. Project Updates/Information:

  • Information about agenda, time management and review of materials prior to meetings (10 minutes)- Jennie More
  • Review/discussion about Community Meetings (25 minutes)- Tim Tolson and Frank Stoner
  • Block Plan for Barnes Lumber property (25minutes)-Warren Byrd and Susan Nelson
  • Review/Discussion about resolution regarding Crozet exit 107 interchange- (15minutes)
  • Review/ Discussion regarding resolution regarding CDBG Planning Grant (20 minutes)
  • Brief discussion about grant subcommittee and liaison roles

4. Items not listed on the agenda.

5. Announcements.

  • Crozet Dog Park

6.. Future Agenda Items.



Wildflowers – a Great Addition to Crozet!

Things like this make Crozet a great place to live.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the facebook post:

– Landscape company J.W. Townsend planted the meadow seed mix of 16 varieties of wild flowers and grasses early this summer as a joint project of The Landings at Waylands Grant and Old Trail. This meadow will become fully established and self-sustaining over the next 2-3 years. You may have noticed that it is attracting a lot of butterflies!

– Kudos to Geoff Shaw with JWTownsend for planting the awesome meadow. And thank you to Ben Wilson and the residents of Old Trail and Waylands Grant who helped with the design of this project.

– Absolutely, thanks to Jessica Mauzy! Without her none of this would have happened. We are SO happy everyone likes it.

– some annuals will reseed themselves, such as zinnias and the blanket flowers (the yellow ones with red centers) . I wish more communities would do this – mowing so much is so unnecessary and would save not only money but create less noise & air pollution, and is great for the bugs and birds too.

Why do you like being a kid in Crozet?

Would your kids be willing to write a few sentences about why they have loved growing up in Crozet? I’ll publish them all here. Interested? Please leave their thoughts in the comments or email me.

Here’s my rising 6th-grader’s offering:

“Everyone is so nice here and I’ve made a lot of friends over the years. One reason I like Crozet is because I like to read, and there is a library, and a bookstore called Over the Moon.

I’ve loved going to Dairy Queen, Crozet Pizza, Sal’s and Fardowners. I love to swim at the Crozet Pool and Mint Springs. There is also a soccer field and two parks.

Also, since I went to Crozet Elementary most of my friends live near me.

Almost every morning before school starts, (daddy note: not that often!) I love getting a chocolate croissant and a cup of water at the Mudhouse. And their hot chocolate is delicious.

Also growing up, I’ve loved exploring the lumber yard. I love hearing trains every day.

I love how it is not a big city like New York, and how it’s not like a couple of farms. I like how it’s in the middle.

So that is why I have loved growing up in Crozet.”

And from the RealCrozetVA Facebook community:

Be Aware of Dominion Power’s Deceptive Installers

Quick update regarding the below, in response to one of the emails I’ve received about this:

I think the email was less about advocating for denying the smart meters, and more about how the installers were being dishonest with the folks who chose to opt out.
That said, here are two links about why some have chosen to opt out.
For my tin foil hat perspective, jump to the end.
Update #2 – Dominion says it’s a miscommunication from their contractor to the customer. Statement from them at the end of this post.

via email from Ann Mallek:

“Please help to make residents aware of deceptive practices on the part of Dominion Virginia Power smart meter installers.

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July 2015 CCAC Meeting Recap

Sorry for both the delay in getting this up and for not being there. Luckily, Tim and Sean were! I hesitated putting this up so late, but I’ve found these recaps to be useful from an archivist’s perspective.

Discussed –

– Meetings with developers
– Electronic sign for the Crozet Fire Department?
– Expansion of the Growth Area at 250/64?
– CDBG Planning Grant

Click through, start at the bottom and work your way up.


Crozet’s Getting a Seafood Restaurant: Public West Pub & Oyster Bar

via email:

Daniel Kaufman, owner of popular Charlottesville seafood staple, Public Fish and Oyster, is excited to be bringing his sister concept, Public West – Pub and Oyster Bar, to Old Trail. Overseeing culinary operations is Public Fish and Oyster’s talented executive chef, Donnie Glass. The seafood-centric concept will bring a number of popular favorites from the Charlottesville location such as moules frites, Oysters Rockefeller, and the popular pan roast. More casual pub fare such as a crab cake sandwich, fish and chips, and burgers will be unique to The Old Trail location. And of course, the daily changing oyster bar line up.

If you’re not familiar with Public Oyster Bar on West Main in downtown Charlottesville, it’s worth checking out so you know what to expect (hint: it’s quite good!) Their menu is here.

A seafood place is a great addition to Crozet

da Luca’s is Closing; New Restaurant Coming to its Space

via email yesterday: (lots of good comments on the RealCrozetVA FB page)

It is with mixed feelings that I need to announce that da Luca will terminate operation today. I would like to thank all of our patrons for supporting our establishment which has made possible for us to reach achievements that very few restaurants in the Crozet area have been capable of.
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