Jarman’s Gap in 2011

For those newer to the area, Jarman’s Gap hasn’t always been the pedestrian-bike-car friendly connector that is is now.

If you’re curious, you can see more of the photos at my less-often-used-now Flickr page.

Dedicating a Crozet Trails Bridge

via email:

The Crozet Trails Crew’s newest bridge will be dedicated to our visionary founder and first president, Jessica Mauzy, on Saturday, December 2 at 10:30 am. Please join us at Crozet Park (behind the dog park) as we say a big thank you for her leadership and contribution to Crozet’s walkability and overall quality of life!

Our next monthly meeting will be this Thursday, Nov. 30, 6:30 – 8 pm at Mi Rancho in Old Trail.



Restore N Station & Creekside at Albemarle Planning Commission – 5 December

For context, spend some time looking through this month’s CCAC meeting notes.

via email from Bill Fritz with Albemarle County:

The staff report for SP 2017-20 ReStore’n Station is now available online.  If you are not able to attend the meeting and want to provide comments to the Planning Commission please send your comments to me and I will print them out and distribute them to the Planning Commission at Tuesday’s meeting.  Any comments provided to the Planning Commission will automatically be added to the packet that is prepared for the Board of Supervisors.  At this time this item is not scheduled for the Board of Supervisors.  I will let you know as soon as a date has been set.

You can access the December 5, 2017 PC agenda and materials below.




The hard copies are still being copied and not done yet, I will send out an email once they are complete and ready for pickup.

*Note from Jim – I put the links to the dropbox & online in, rather than have them all strung out.

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Crozet Angel Tree 2017 – Fully Supported!

via email –

“I am so excited to say that between your boost, my email campaign, and many other caring folks from the community sharing the information with friends, neighbors, playgroups, exercise groups, etc we are 100% supported. I can’t thank you, and everyone who has pitched enough for coming through again this year. Crozet is a special place!”

Crozet rocks. 206 kids’ holidays are better.

Coyotes in Crozet (and in Old Trail)

Quite the FB conversation on this one.

As I was turning into Old Trail today around 1:00 PM, a sizable coyote ran in front of my car causing me to brake hard.

It was heading east to west.

I believe it was a coyote as it was running with it’s tail down.

I don’t know if there have been other sightings.

And, no, I hadn’t been drinking!

Short story: there are coyotes in Crozet (and coywolves); stay away from them, and keep small animals away, too.

Christmas Trees in and Around Crozet – 2017

Re-posting from last year. Any changes or suggestions?

Before you know it, I’ll be posting the “here’s where to recycle Christmas trees” post (usually in Crozet Park). For now, here’s a list of some of the places in and around Crozet to get a Christmas tree.


My post from 2011 is mostly still accurate, but a few links are dead, so at a friend’s/client’s request, here is an list of places to get Christmas trees in and around Crozet. (Thanks to the Facebook & RealCrozetVA Twitter friends!)

Pick your own + pre-cut Christmas trees


(list pulled from my post at RealCentralVA)


Loving the Crozet Trails

It’s fun riding the Crozet Trails with someone new to Crozet, as I did this morning. Even more fun when I discover something new … the pull up thing at the back of Claudius Crozet Park, near the Crozet Dog Park.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … the more trails connections the better – for the community, environment, and property values. And … thanks, Crozet Trails Crew!

Crozet Cycling’s Easy Riders Take a Road Trip

One of my favorite parts of the Crozet Cycling Club is the Easy Riders. If you want to join them, please fill out the contact form at the end of this post.

Thanks to Terri Miyamoto for the photos and the story! (I added links)

On a perfect late-autumn day – the sky deep blue, the sun bright and low in the sky, and just enough chill to make you want to keep moving if you were outside – the Crozet Cycling Club “Easy Riders” took a field trip to scope out the trail system in Lynchburg, Virginia. We stowed the bikes and drove about an hour south, enjoying the last of the fall color through the 151 corridor and down US 29. Arriving at the parking lot, we were surprised to find it full, even on a weekday morning. Obviously, this is a popular trail system!

We began on the Blackwater Creek Trail, wide and paved, on a slight downhill for most of its three mile length to where it meets the James River. This is a rail trail, and the cuts through rock, plus a short, lighted tunnel, make for an interesting ride.

At the river, we encountered the RiverWalk Trail, through a historic section of Lynchburg with many choices for meals and refreshments, although some of them would require quite a walk up stairs from the river level to the bluff above! We recommend staying on the trail (which we think runs along the sidewalk) because biking over the cobblestone streets is kidney-shaking. Take it from me.

Past the commercial section, the trail makes a sharp bend back and then crosses a bridge over to Percival Island. For a mile you are biking on a narrow island in the middle of the James River, with water a short distance away on each side. Through another bridge, then you are on the other side of the James, biking through a section of woods and fields, all golden on that autumn morning.

At the end of the pavement, we turned around and rode back into town for lunch, really nice pizza and sandwiches at Waterstone Pizza. And beer, of course. The building had originally been a shoe factory, we were told, and the immense beams and super-thick walls made for interesting conjectures as we lunched. It is an impressive building.

Heading back toward the car, from the RiverWalk Trail we took the Point of Honor Trail. This trail follows Blackwater Creek very closely, and includes a beautiful stop to take pictures at an old mill dam. It’s not quite as flat as the Blackwater Creek Trail, but other than a couple short climbs, certainly not too strenuous.

Choosing to add a couple more miles to our ride, we rode the Kemper Street Trail up to the Lynchburg train station. Yes, up—it’s a climb the whole way. But coming back down was great fun. Almost enough to be tempted to do it again.
All together, including a couple “oops” detours (the trails in the downtown section could use some better signs) we biked 17 miles and had a wonderful day. There are lots of places to stop and appreciate the river, the city, and the woods. It’s all safely off-road, and not too far for an easy family trip.


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