Innisfree Village

In light of last week’s posting on about a “greener” Albemarle County comes this story from today’s Daily Progress about Innisfree Village in Crozet.

This year a new program, Community Supported Agriculture, was started in order to share the benefits of the gardens with others outside the village.

CSA is a nationwide movement designed to connect city folks with the food they eat and with the land and people who tend them. This past spring, 25 subscribers were given the opportunity to participate in the program.

“We want people to know about Innisfree and realize the incredible wealth of our gardens,” Ohle said. “It also provides more therapeutic work opportunities for our co-workers, which is our term for the people with developmental disabilities who live here.

“As a result of the program, we now have extra work in harvesting and preparing the vegetables that are sent out to the subscribers. The number of different tasks and skill levels this provides is wonderful for our folks.

We are lucky to have organizations such as this in our area.

Update 06/06/2006: the Charlottesville Podcasting Network has an interesting profile of Innisfree Village.

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6 Replies to “Innisfree Village”

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve never been to Crozet, yet, a friend of mine is considering volunteering at Innisfree Village for 1 year. What can you tell me about the place, working and living conditions of the volunteers? How far is it from Crozet and what transport facilites are there?

  2. Hey Axel,
    A friend just pointed your comments out to me. I live and work at Innisfree and have been here 13 years. Crozet is 8 miles away and there is NO public transport to or from Innisfree. We do have about 10 community vehicles that are for the volunteers with a clean license to use for work and pleasure. I’m curious to know who is your friend that’s considering coming for a year. Take care and hope to hear.

  3. dear eveyone, i live and work at innisfree as well and its so wonderful that you have hightlighted our community. Hope to see more. Please contact us with any questions.
    smiles jamie

  4. Aloha, I am River and will be leaving beautiful Maui ahhhh she’s been so good to me!!!!!!!! I am starting on yet another brilliant path on my journey and will be coming to Innisfree Village on April 13. I am looking forward and am really excited. Life is good! Peace, all

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