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Peachtree Baseball’s Annual Meeting 16 October. See the Calendar to the left.

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On Monday, October 16th, at 7pm at the Crozet firehouse, Peachtree Baseball League will hold its annual meeting for all interested parties.  We will be discussing the new draft rules as well as bylaws for the league which the Board has been drafting for the last several months. We are also currently looking for volunteers for the 2007 season. The following volunteers are needed:

– President- 2yr term
– VP  Tball/ Rookie
– Concession stand coordinator- Crozet Park (Not a board position)
– Coaches Rep. for Babe Ruth Greenwood
– Historian (Not a board position)

At this meeting we will accept nominations for all open Board positions. If you are interested please attend this meeting. Bylaws and job descriptions may be obtained at www.peachtreebaseball.comor by contacting Cheryl Madison.

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