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Thanks to the recent story in the Crozet Gazette on realcrozetva, this blog has received several (many?) new visitors. Thankfully, two have so far answered the call to write for this blog!

Starting today, I am going to, assuming continued interest, establish a “readers’ forum” highlighting stories written by readers. If you have an idea, please email me. If you want to become a regular writer, please email me. Soon there will be a “write for this blog” button in the sidebar.

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One Reply to “realcrozetva Readers’ Forum”

  1. How many articles would be needed to constitute one as a regular contributor? I would be glad to type articles for RealCrozetVa, but, as a college student, I have limited time to indulge in hobbies or, in this case, write entries. I am quite willing to help by posting something once a month, but I would not be able to provide an entry every week. If you could post a reply to this question I would have a better understanding of what is expected by your editorial staff.

    Thank you for you for allotting some of your valuable time to my question,
    ~Ego Felem Amo…

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