King Family Vineyards wants to expand its offerings

From the Crozet Community Association:

Members of CCA:  The King Family Winery is an important Crozet business, that many appreciate and support.  It has applied to the Albemarle County Planning Commission for permission to hold up to 104 special events on its property each year, up from the twelve events permitted now.  Some local residents think this would cause all sorts of problems: noise, lighting,  traffic, wine drinking drivers, etc. and intend to speak against the Special Use Permit.  Other neighbors aren’t as opposed.  Please read the enclosed staff report and if you wish to state an opinion, please come to the PC meeting Tuesday at 6 PM at the County Office Building in the auditorium. 

The Planning Commission will meet at the County Office Building on 23 January at 6pm. King Family Vineyards is located here.

PDF is at the County’s website and below.
If anybody who reads this blog happens to attend, please feel free to report how it goes.

Regarding the drinking and driving – this is a valid concern, but one that could be addressed responsibly by those who choose to attend tastings, or by hiring a driver. King Family Vineyards has been a good citizen; should Crozet return the favor?

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