What to do this week in Crozet

Monday 28 January & Thursday, 31 January –

Peachtree Baseball

6-8 p.m. at the Crozet Firehouse

$65.00 Due at the time of registering.

Please bring a birth certificate for each child registering.

For more information visit our website.

Tuesday, January 28

There is a FREE tax seminar this Tuesday, January 29 at Crozet Library at 7:00 PM in the meeting room.  If you have questions about the Alternative Minimum Tax delays or just want to make sure you are getting every deduction you deserve please come meet our tax professional.

Tuesday, January 28

The Planning Commission will hold a work session on Tuesday, January 29, at their regular 6:00 p.m. meeting, to review and discuss the Crozet Downtown Zoning project.

Discussion will include review and recommendation on proposed regulations for a new Downtown Crozet Zoning district and boundaries for a potential County-initiated rezoning to the proposed zoning district.

The Commission will be asked to review and provide specific comment on the following issues:
• Proposed By-right & Special Use Permit Uses permitted by the proposed Downtown Crozet Zoning district regulations
• Boundaries of County-Initiated Rezoning
• Buffer/Screening Adjacent to Residential Districts requirements of the proposed Downtown Crozet Zoning district
• Information regarding potential impacts of a County-initiated rezoning, including implications to the Entrance Corridor & Architectural Review Board (ARB) guidelines

Thursday, January 31 –

Benyaro at Uncle Charlies at 9pm!

From a truly underground (NYC subway) background, the uniqueness of Benyaro, a folk-pop trio led by Ben Musser and sister, Meg Chamberlin, is the creation of songs with themes of idealism, mountains and stars, and a latent spirituality while keeping to a simple folk-pop format. Older listeners will recall memories of late 60’s-early ’70’s country pop that one might see on TV.  “Humble Child” is a fine introduction, with a sound comparable somewhere between a righteous Gram & Emmylou, and Three Dog Night.

Ben Musser and Tucker Yaro met in the spring of 2005. A “craigslist” match-made-in-heaven, both were happy to discover they lived right down the street from one another in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So, they got together and started playing.

Tucker was into the sound coming from Ben’s four-track, and Ben was into Tucker’s playing and singing. Benyaro was born and the two took their sound to the subway platforms, not having a venue to perform at. They drew large crowds and were soon offered slots in various NYC venues despite having no demo or recorded material.

Once in the NYC club scene, Benyaro augmented their sound by adding the voice of Meg Chamberlin. Meg, Ben’s sister and a singer in her own right, adds an incredible female voice and occasional percussion to the band.

Since then, Benyaro has not only performed all over Brooklyn and Manhattan, receiving praise for their unique acoustic roots/soul sound, but has also opened for the legendary Malcolm Holcombe in Boston, NYC, and Johnson City (TN) as well as performed on their own in Austin, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Charlottesville, Richmond, Blacksburg, Raleigh, Charlotte, Gastonia, Boone, Pittsboro (NC), Spartanburg, Columbia, Hartsville (SC), Savannah, Gainesville, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, De Land (FL), Beaumont (TX), Harrisburg, Wilmington (DE) and Mackinac Island (MI). Benyaro has achieved all of this without a studio recording. They did appear on a radio show in Blacksburg, VA (WUVT) and were able to use that humble recording for booking and to sell at shows to start spreading the good word that is their sound.

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11 Replies to “What to do this week in Crozet”

  1. too bad the league has been torn. it would be nice if the newest president would treat eveyone as equal but i bet cheryl won’t. she and her husband are too much old time ‘necks.
    all the coaches who cared about anything have left and either gone aau or to covecreek.
    the league needs to get real umpires.

    the board should consist of only mom’s and NOT have any coaches.

  2. I felt that I needed to respond to your comments in regard to Peachtree Baseball League in Crozet. My name is Jess Haden and I am a father of 2 boys who play in the league. I am an Assistant Coach and am currently serving as Vice President of Major/Minor Leagues. I played in Peachtree as a kid and have been involved as a parent and coach for the past 5 seasons. I have known our President Cheryl for that time and have absolutely zero indication that she would act any way except fairly to all participants and parents in our league. We are lucky that she is committed enough to the league to step up and give of her time.
    I personally resent your comment that “all the coaches who cared about anything have left”. I care and I know that the coaches involved who give up their evenings twice a week and show up every Saturday care as well.
    Your last two comments are sentiments that we, as a board, would be happy to discuss if you came to a meeting and brought them up in the correct forum. We have a meeting the first Wednesday of every month as a norm. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

  3. Jess and “where’s baseball” –

    Thanks for the comments. For future reference, please do not make personal attacks. Calling someone an “old time ‘neck” is uncalled for on this site.

    If anyone wants to write an article about the state of the league – benefits, etc. please let me know by clicking the “submit a story” at the top of the page.

  4. I coached in the Peachtree Baseball League and served on the board for many seasons, and I am very disturbed that anyone would make this type of comment. Cheryl is one of the most selfless individuals I know and has served the league faithfully for a number of years. One of the big problems facing youth sports leagues is that most parents will not get involved in running them, but that doesn’t prevent them from complaining about those individuals who do. Without the time and dedication of individuals like Cheryl, there would be no place for kids to play sports. The league is lucky to have someone like her willing to put in the time and effort it takes. If everyone who complained about how poorly things were run volunteered some of their time, then there would be no need for coaches to be involved in the running of the league.

  5. My son played baseball at Peachtree for three years, and I was on the Peachtree Board last year. Before I became involved, I had no idea of how much effort went on behind the scenes in organizing a league. Cheryl has done, and will continue to do, a truly overwhelming amount of work to ensure that children in our area will enjoy playing baseball in Crozet. Cheryl is a fair and hard working person — anyone who knows her at all will realize that. I think it is very cowardly for someone to use this blog as a vehicle to launch a personal attack — particularly when that person lacks the nerve to post their real name. Whomever posted the comment should consider directing their energy in a positive direction and come to a board meeting. Criticizing while doing nothing is pointless.

  6. There must be more than one Cheryl in Crozet.
    The inappropriate comments made in the “where’s baseball?” post, could not possibly refer to the Peachtree Baseball League’s President, Cheryl.

    I, my wife and our children have been involved in the Peachtree Baseball program for 5 years. During this time, Cheryl has always been there to do whatever is needed to make baseball a great experience for ALL kids. It may appear easy to run this type of organization when your view is from the sidelines, but it’s not, and the time and effort Cheryl has given are enormous and we are extremely fortunate she is willing to do this for ALL of us. As a current coach and board member, (who does care very much about the players and the League), I would encourage anyone to become involved in the program and use the proper forums to convey meaningful and constructive ideas.

  7. I like several other feel the need to reply to the comments made regarding the league and in particular Cheryl Madison. I have a son that is getting ready to start his 5th year in Peachtree and this is my 4th year on this board and my 5th year in coaching. No one has committed as much time and effort into Peachtree for the last 5 years other than people like Cheryl Madison, George Morris, and Sharon Shifflett. Please remember that we have as a board sent out emails to the families involved in Peachtree for the last several months asking for additional help w/ the board and especially that we needed a new President for the league along w/ a concession stand coordinator. We had meetings were we asked the public to come and donate their time and or talk about the league as a whole on how to make it better for all the parents and kids invloved. We were lucky enough to get some help but no one ever came to us w/ interest in either the concession stand and or the President’s job. Cheryl who already was heavily involved with her time in regards to the league stepped up to help the league and we voted her in as the new President. Peachtree Baseball will not survive without people like Cheryl Madison stepping up to the plate, because we as a league were in a situation that we needed a President, and I cannot think of anyone better, and that will treat all people fairly than Cheryl. Peachtree is very lucky to have her. In regards to your comment regarding coaching: I am entering into my 4th year as a head coach and for you to state that all the good coaches have left is really an insult to all of the moms and dads that dontate so much of their personal time because we care about baseball and kids therefore we are there to do the best job we possibly can to teach the kids about the game. I think before comments like these are made you should be at the practice fields and the games and watch how hard all these coaches work to make these kids better players and to make the game fun for everyone. If you have concerns about the board as a whole and or umpires I know we as a board would be more than happy to sit down with you in the proper forum and discuss your concerns. As Jim Duncan stated above I would just like to see the personal attacks cease, because unless you are invloved on a day to day basis w/ what it takes to keep our wonderful league running it’s hard to understand how important for the league to thrive and survive is for parents to be involved and donate whatever time they can to help us. I am proud to be part of this board and league and enjoy helping the kids have a good as a experience as possible.

  8. I am compelled to point out that everyone save the one person making an uncalled-for personal attack has chosen to submit comments under their own names. That speaks volumes.

    Thank you to everybody for reading and for stepping to the plate as a community to defend someone who clearly gives a tremendous amount of time back.

    Speaking as someone who doesn’t know Cheryl but as one who has coached soccer for seven years – it’s an enormous commitment, and if you feel that you can contribute to the organization, it appears that Peachtree would welcome your input.

  9. I am Sharon Shifflett, and I have been with Peachtree for 13 years and I think it is truly wrong for anyone to put down the league, considering the lazy ones out there that do not want to help or volunteer for anything but just sit back and criticize others. My son will be 18 and started playing t-ball when he was 5, I have been on the board for 9 years as concession stand coordinator at Crozet and Treasurer for the league, no one knows how much time and energy the board members put into the league unless you are there, and I think we have done a great job, if the person that left such a comment thinks they could do better than please by all means, we need you there so give us a call or come to the next meeting and join us, otherwise, it would be greatly appreciated that you not put down the league or anyone who is volunteering to keep it going so that the children in Crozet have a league. I think Rob Merhige did a great job and volunteered alot of his time without even having a kid playing baseball and I think Cheryl will do a great job as she always has for the league.Thanks to all the board members and parents who volunteer for our league!!

  10. Where’s the Thankyou!
    I have truly been impressed by the efforts and sacrifices members of the Peachtree Board have demonstrated the last few years. Never have I heard a negative word spoken about Cheryl and she continues to inspire me because she clearly cares about our youth. The League takes volunteers and Cheryl stepped up to the plate when others did not even show up for the game!
    I would like to encourage everyone to get involved with Peachtree Baseball to ensure we have Baseball here locally, well into the future.

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