Minutes from the May Crozet Community Association Meeting

“History Minute: Phil James spoke to the work the Civilian Conservation Camp did . The camp was located north of Crozet (behind where the current Piedmont Store is, in White Hall). Named Camp Albemarle, the camp ended with the war, and became a home for prisoners of war. Both as a CCC and as a POW camp, the work of the camp was focused on building/maintaining the fire trails in that area.

Presentations/New Items:

1. Remediation of Acme Visible Records facility . Sarah Huddle and Monty Bennett spoke to the status of the remediation. The reported that the soil, ground and surface waters were tested, and only the area in the main building (where degreasing agents were used) currently have contamination. Within 3-5 years, the remediation should eliminate this contamination. There is no public health concern, according to the testing done. Sarah agreed to provide an update on the remediation every 6 months, and will provide an update (to be distributed via the email list) by 8/30. Portions of the property are currently leased.

2. Historic District for Crozet – The county historic resources and Piedmont Environmental Group reported that Crozet has passed the steps to make it potentially eligible for being declared an historic district. It was emphasized that having an area designated as historic did NOT place any additional regulations on the properties. However, there are tax credits available for individual property owners (dependent/based upon the corresponding rules and regulations). The strategy document from this work is due on June 6. This document will outline how to balance the historic designation with the new building and growth efforts. It should be noted that there is no funding currently to take this eligibility through to the final steps of designation. Lee Catlin indicated that the county will respond back to the CCA/community once the strategies have been defined.

3. Western Park – The master plan for the park will be finished in August. The students of WAHS and local citizens have contributed ideas and suggestions on how to make this new park provide the greatest possible value. In June and July there will be public meetings on the proposals. Ideas included greenways, trails, pond sites, picnic shelters, skateboard parks, etc. However, please note: the funding for the park is not scheduled until 2010. Submit your ideas to Albemarle.org/westernpark.

4. Discussions are underway with Amtrak for daily service from Charlottesville to D.C. (rather than Richmond). There is also discussion on a commuter train from Crozet to Charlottesville. Contact Mac Lafferty for additional information.”

Does anyone know more abut the possible commuter train???

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