Crozet Pool – Closed!

Crozet Pool – Closed!
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The heat index may rise to 105 degrees today in Crozet, and the Crozet Pool is closed. Anyone from the Pool want to enlighten Crozetians?

Mint Springs, here we come.
Update 09 June 2008:
This is an email from the Crozet Park Pool committee:

“Dear Patrons of Crozet Park Pool:

The Crozet Park Pool Committee would like to thank you for your patience

and understanding over our pool closure yesterday, June 8, due to pool

maintenance. The pool will re-open today and business will be as usual!

The sand in the pool filters has been changed and, because of this, the

water is getting better/clearer as you read this message.

We would like to a assure you that chemically the water is and has always

been safe and closely monitored, but because of the poor condition of the

sand in our pool filters, we had to shut down the pool for a day so this

work can be completed and, ultimately, everyone can continue to swim


Again we are sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused and, we

will have an upcoming pool party open to pool pass holders on an evening

soon. Details to follow.

Thank you for your patronage, and understanding.

Crozet Park Pool Committee”

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  1. Many folks think of mint springs as dirty and won’t swim in it. I on the other hand believe their are dangers to chlorine in pools as well as a concentrion of other unfriendly things. I wonder if mint springs and crozet pool have both been tested simultaneaously for contaminates, heavy metals and fecal matter and how they compare.

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