9 Replies to “A Day in Crozet”

  1. Ted –

    I’m still waiting for the Crozet Gazette to come out online. As soon as that’s out, I’ll link to and snip the story explaining the sign.

  2. The August Crozet Gazette is online now (pdf)

    “They [county officials] never worry about the real estate tax,” said Pauly, on the verge of a snarl. “But that what’s hurting us. They’re taxing us off our land.

    “I want to make it as difficult as I can for them. They are going to take over your land and put houses all over it. They’re hoping I’ll give up. They’re lighting their candles.”

  3. Yes, a Chinese restaurant will open and will be called “New China”. I don’t know when they will open and I’m assuming it will be takeout mostly and we are hoping for delivery as well.

  4. Went to the Clover Lawn shopping center today and saw a sign next to the Mountain View realtor office advertising a Chinese restaurant that will open soon. First Crozet had no Chinese restaurants, now it will have two!

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