Pesto Mediterranean Grill – New Restaurant in Crozet

Courtesy of the C-Ville:

It’s called Pesto Mediterranean Grill and it’s from John Ballas, former co-owner of the College Inn. All the Mediterranean-menu bases will be covered, including Greek entrees, such as spanikopita, souvlaki and moussaka, kabobs, subs and pastas. Delivery will be offered to Ivy and Crozet.

Their homepage is here, and most importantly, their phone number is 434-823-7080.

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13 Replies to “Pesto Mediterranean Grill – New Restaurant in Crozet”

  1. My husband and I got take-out dinner at Pesto this past Saturday night. It was delicious! The calamari was fresh and tasty and my chicken marsala was satisfying. Next on my list – the chicken piccata.

    I also had a chance to meet and talk to the owners, John and Athena Ballas, and they couldn’t be nicer people. They’re really happy to be in our community and look forward to feeding us all!

  2. I really do not beleive that the reviews about pesto grill that I see posted around the web are factual. I went to Pesto’s today for the second time, the first time I went I walked out because of the ridiculous prices. They seem to think they can charge sit-down upscale restaurant prices at a walk in carryout place.

    So today my wife really wanted some food and we didn’t want to drive all the way into town, so we decided to suck it up and pay the ridiculous Pesto prices. Point blank I wish I would have drove right past Pesto Grill. I ordered the beef kabob platter, which came with mixed vegetables and rice at a price of $14.00. The kebobs were horrendous with a paltry portion of vegetables and the toughest beef I have ever tasted. In fact I’m still trying to chew. My rice was simply overcooked white rice with some very unflavorable pesto sauce mixed in the rice, truly atrocious. In comparison to places like Sticks and ZamZams this place is not even close, but yet their prices are much higher.

    I’m just mad I dropped 15 bucks on a horrible to go meal and I could have went to Three-Notch, I’m truly pissed off. I should have known not to go in once I saw that we were the only there at 5PM.

    I really may have to go out and get some other food tonight.

    To the Owners:
    Some sound advice to save this potential train wreck…
    a) Make better food
    b) Lower your prices to a respectible level
    c) Call Gordon Ramsey from Kitchen Nightmares

  3. I have to agree with Mike…
    i ordered the meatball sub and the ones at Subway have more flavor. my wife ordered a gyro and she’s had better.
    plus we spent $30 for average tasting food.
    also, to get their online menu you have to register and click on about 10 webpages… just have the menu on the front page… duh !!!!

  4. My wife and I decided to get take-out from Pesto last night. Based on the last two comments, I was not sure what to expect. I have to say that my experience could not have been more different. It was a wonderful meal! It was about $20, which is reasonable for takeout. We had a meal that we could not have gotten anywhere within Albemarle or the surrounding counties. My wife had the Avgolemeno chicken soup, which she said was quite yummy. She also got the Dolmadeas appetizer. They were very delicious. I had the Pesto Chicken sandwich on which I had roasted red peppers added. It was amazingly good. The bread, pesto, chicken and peppers were all great.

    When I went in to pick up (I decided to get out of the house instead of use their delivery service), it was nearly 8pm and the place was buzzing. There was only a two-person table left.

    Just like with any new restaurant, they could use some changes. I agree that some of their entree prices seem high. However, their menu is so varied, that there is something for almost any price range. We will definitely be going back.

    I do echo one common comment, which is that they need a menu on the front of their web page. A pdf version of the take-out menu, even if its scanned in, at a minimum.

  5. Not to pile on, but I just visited their homepage and they now have an “Order Online” feature. All I want is a menu, and I really don’t want to give my email, street address, name, etc. in order to see a menu. Bother.

  6. We all went to Pesto’s and had a great meal. The calamari was delicious the lasagna was huge and good. I had enough for lunch the next day. My friend had the chicken kabob and she loved it. Tender delicious!! She loved the rice and fresh veggies, it’s nice to know you can get fresh food around the corner from our house. We had delivery on Tuesday it was great. We loved the chocolate trifle dessert, yummy. You get what you pay for. Good quality food and huge portions. We will be calling for delivery again soon. We all highly recommend Pesto.

  7. I must say that I couldnt disagree with Mike more. The price you pay for the food is reasonable and it tastes like no other food in Charlottesville and surrounding areas.I was there the other night and had the Chicken Pesto and it is the best dish i think i have ever had. The sauces are all home-made and the bread is wonderful (home-made as well) and the Desserts are amazing. I would tell anyone that is wanting good quality food to come to Pesto. Its a good expierience.

  8. ONLY ORDER if you want to wait for an HOUR!! Food was cold, and expensive for the service. I am MORE than willing to pay but we are 8 mins. away in HEAVY crozet traffic…… so WHY would it take an HOUR!! NO MORE ORDERS FROM US!!

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