Crozet Market Update – September 2008

The Crozet real estate market, like the entire region, is in a state of transition. In an attempt to keep Crozetians (and those curious folks outside Crozet who may be interested in moving here) informed, I am going to be publishing quarterly market reports specifically for Crozet.*

This data is pulled from the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors’ MLS. I’m not displaying prices – sold and listed – because so many of these subdivisions are interspersed with attached and single family homes. For example – Bargamin Park has two active properties – one attached for $272,500 and one single family for $375,500.

If you’re interested in a wider market analysis of the entire Charlottesville/Central Virginia area, you can see all of my market analyses at RealCentralVA. If you have questions about Crozet (or Charlottesville, etc.) real estate market, please ask me anytime.

Looked at another way,

* Crozet = Brownsville and Crozet Elementary Schools

* The information displayed is only as accurate as the Realtors inputting said data.

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