Help Plan the New Crozet Library

A reminder that the Crozet Library Design Steering Committee monthly meeting is this Monday, April 27, from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM at the Old Trail Golf Clubhouse conference room.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Tentative Agenda

I. Welcome & Re-cap
II. BOS Meeting and preps
III. Schematic Design
a. Site Review
i. Angled vs. perpendicular
ii. Bus travel lane
iii. Site connectivity (Block study)
b. Elevation Review
i. Roof
ii. Corner
iii. Main Street entrance canopy

IV. Next meeting

V. Adjournment

The committee’s meeting agenda, minutes, membership, information about the new Crozet Library, etc. are all posted on the Albemarle County web site.

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