Crozet Community Association Meeting Thursday 10 September

At the Old School House this Thursday from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. Anyone who wants to write a story for RealCrozetVA will be thanked loudly, roundly and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee from one of the three local coffee shops.

One suggestion – if we really want to and intend to invite Old Trail into Crozet, we (really the CCA) should put signs at the entrances to Old Trail as well as at the intersections of Crozet Avenue and 240 (and Jarman’s Gap Road).

Photowalking between Crozet Elementary and home

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2 Replies to “Crozet Community Association Meeting Thursday 10 September”

  1. One question – where is the old school house?? As a newcomer to Crozet without kids I’m not sure. Is this the Crozet School across from the Elementary School or somewhere else – I wish the signs were clearer.

  2. Caroline –

    Thank you so the comment and the request for clarification. You’re right; the Old School house is across from Crozet Elementary.

    (wanna write a story for RealCrozetVA? 🙂 )

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