Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-11-01

  • Yay, soccer in Crozet this morning. #
  • If you're searching for Crozet real estate, take a look at FranklyMLS – – it's unlike anything you've seen #
  • @petermcarey I'm at Anytime Fitness now. Can't do that at ACAC. 🙂 in reply to petermcarey #
  • @petermcarey I was at Anytime Fitness last night from 8 to 9:30. And it was a little busy in reply to petermcarey #
  • @petermcarey Clearly targeted at those who can exercise at times most people are working in reply to petermcarey #
  • RT @petermcarey: – ACAC hours in @crozet – not so convenient! #acac #crozet @realcrozetva #
  • @MasToMillers Times out every time. in reply to MasToMillers #
  • @mastomillers That link to Scout Charlottesville doesn't work in reply to MasToMillers #
  • Dinner at Fardowners. #
  • Motorcycle cop on 64 near Crozet exit. #
  • Can you find yourself in Google Streetview in Crozet? #
  • Crozet Spirit Walk this weekend – #
  • RT @MarySmithCMT: My sign is finally up! Take a drive down Crozet Ave and look for Blue Ridge Massage Therapy…then call for an appt! #
  • Today is Blue Mountain Brewery's 2nd Birthday – – $2 pints of Rockfish Wheat 12-10pm. #
  • Would anyone be interested in a Crozet Tweetup soon? Perhaps at Fardowners at 5? #
  • RT @thecatwell: Trailside Coffee in Old Trail Village (Crozet) is amazing! [darn right!] #
  • RT @CrozetGazette News at the Crozet Business Networking Meeting: two sisters are opening bookstore in downtown Crozet in spring. #
  • Walking to pick up the little one from school. A magnificient day in Crozet #
  • Every time I walk by Greenhouse Coffee I get a little bit sad that they haven't opened yet #
  • RT @DrGregMarrow: More door knocking and Meet and Greet in Crozet. Join us at 6:30pm tonight at Mudhouse Cafe in Crozet [mmm…politics] #
  • RT @hanchettjim: Crozet ACAC ribbon cutting 11 a.m. Oct 26th. Is ribbon cutting aerobic? [depends on how many ribbons] #
  • Going to the Crozet business networking forum at lunch #
  • RT @crozeteyecare: Check us out from the Crozet Health Fair yesterday! #
  • Talking to a GMAC short sale rep. So far, so ok. #
  • Loving that has had 5 reader-submitted stories in the past month. Thanks for making it easier! #
  • Anyone want to jump in and help Crozet put on Fireworks in July? Let me know. #

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One Reply to “Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-11-01”

  1. Jim, I’m finding those ubiquitous, illegal ACAC signs along the highway and streets so annoying. Is that company really so hard up for marketing money that they have to resort to littering Crozet’s roads with their yard signs? Hey, ACAC, we’re not postering your new building, so go collect your opening day signs from our streets and respect the county signage laws. And don’t put them out ever again.

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