Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-11-15

  • RT @mastomillers: [Tator Tots & Nachos] Virginia Law Weekly: Tachos Make Trip to Crozet Worthwhile #
  • Off to the Convention Center. Seeking coffee enroute #NARDiego #
  • I can't wait to shave off my moustache; until I do though, consider donating a few bucks to fight Prostate Cancer – #
  • Meat and Greet in Crozet – Bring some food tomorrow for the Blue Ridge Food Bank #
  • RT @JimDuncan: RT @MudhouseCrozet: Storytelling Series tonight, 7 pm. The theme is Awkward Moments. Come tell your story! #
  • RT @gingergermani: Seriously, the light at WAHS is the worst timed light ever. [I have a story coming out about this soon] #
  • Cville peeps: Check out @bspinosa story at 6pm – WCAV – Apparently I'm wired 🙂 #
  • Hey! I know that guy! 🙂 #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Whoever is manning the intersection at WAHS needs to wake up [traffic lights are consistently mis-timed] #
  • Da Luca's in Old Trail is rolling out new menu w/ new chefs #
  • RT @CrozetGazette: Crozet Christmas Parade Sat, December 6 at 3 pm, from Jarmans Gap to the Firehouse. Meet Santa at the end of the parade! #
  • Crozet Elementary school kids are getting the Swine Flu vaccine today. #
  • Bringing my daughter to the coffeeshop is a lot more expensive than my coming alone. #
  • The Crozet Mudhouse has been hosting quite a few events lately. Here's a few upcoming ones – #
  • My assumption was wrong – there's no trust gap b/t NAR & Consumers. #
  • RT @hanchettjim: Crozet Elem. kids will get swine flu shots tomorrow; 3 other schools Friday if new shipment comes in #

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