Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2009-12-20

  • Did you know … if you upload your snowpocalypse photos to flickr & tag them w/ “Crozet” they’ll show up on #
  • If you have a heatpump, dig it out. Furnace, clean off the exhaust via @cvillenewscom #
  • Snow is starting to come down fairly heavily in Crozet. #
  • Little video of snow from my back porch @CBS19Weather #
  • RT @ancym: Mint Springs, between the lakes? @realcrozetva @ryancordell: Locals: best sledding hill in Crozet? [doubt I’ll get that “far”] #
  • RT @ryancordell: Locals: best sledding hill in Crozet? #
  • Best sledding area in Crozet? #
  • @ancym don’t think so. in reply to ancym #
  • RT @gingergermani: RT @schuttedan: just heard 8 hour wait for tow trucks. again: stay home. #
  • Does anyone know if Crozet Volunteer Fire Dept or WARS need anything? #
  • Wondering if it’s too late for a quick Blue Mountain run … #
  • RT @stevebragaw: snow in crozet—-steady, small flakes, high density. [hooray!] #
  • RT @JimDuncan: It seems most of Crozet came to the DQ to fill up the tanks. #
  • How much snow will Crozet get this weekend? #
  • How much snow will Crozet get? #
  • Uploading a video for an overseas client. Video is wonderful. #
  • The consensus on the snow this weekend in Charlottesville – no one really knows how much snow we’ll get.But people are still freaking out #
  • RT @blakgsus1: Blak Gsus has a show coming up on 12/18/2009 at 10:00 PM @ Fardowners in Crozet, VA #
  • Take 64 into Cville this morning #
  • Rackspace versus Bluehost? I’ve been throttled quite a lot. #
  • *Very* low helicopter over Crozet right now #
  • Testing. #
  • Foodie revisits Daluca’s – 2nd time wasn’t a charm – #crozet #
  • @OldTrail Face Value is much more than “barbershop”-nearly $20 for haircut=more “salon” than “barber” #nothattheresanythingwrongwiththat #
  • Walk to School day at Crozet Elementary is this Friday, 18 December. #
  • @CrozetGazette once again, I’m missing the forum. Darn clients needing me. 🙂 in reply to CrozetGazette #
  • RT @brbs: RT @CrozetGazette: The new office and school supply store near Crozet Great Valu is open. Lots of games and puzzles too! #
  • RT @petermcarey: Accident on 240 near Western Ridge in Crozet… #
  • Be careful out there. Crozet roads are deceptively icy. Particularly shaded parts #
  • RT @rprav8r: – Why yes, that is a horse turning onto Crozet Ave from JGR. #
  • RT @bradramsey: @CBS19weather Crozet is more foggy than I’ve ever seen it [no kidding!] #

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