Pulled from the Comments – Thoughts on Great Valu/Harris Teeter & Green House Coffee

On the grocery store battle:

I personally don’t select a business simply for their longevity. Both Great Valu and Harris Teeter help the community financially. However, there have been MANY evenings we have needed grocery items and GV is closed – that is not responsive to a growing community’s needs. Both have a good selection based on the square footage of their respective stores. Both can be expensive unless you stick with the sale items. However, at HT, the e-vic specials are outrageous: a box of cereal for $.99 or a jar of pasta sauce free or a 12 pk. of paper towels for $5.77. As far as cleanliness, there is no comparison. Both deliver your groceries to your car and have friendly people working there. I bought 3 bags of groceries tonight (2lbs stew meat, 2lbs barbeque, rolls, cereal, produce, laundry & dish detergent) for $36 at HT tax included. That’s not expensive. For my family, HT edges out on hours open and a wide selection of items. I will go to GV if I happen to be going that direction though, not just because they’ve been around the longest.

On Crozet Coffee Shops –

I haven’t heard much about Greenhouse coffee. Are they going to open this spring?

I think it is important for Greenhouse to develop a niche now that there are other coffee houses in town. We need something that has actual healthy food without comprimising taste. We need a place that serves sandwiches on whole grain breads. We need a place that also serves healthful organic ingredients with some low calorie options. We need some baked items that are sugar free that are sweetened with agave or stevia. We dont need a duplicate of whats already out there. This would be good to go with the theme of no wifi radiation, etc. Thanks for listening.

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4 Replies to “Pulled from the Comments – Thoughts on Great Valu/Harris Teeter & Green House Coffee”

  1. Jim,
    I agree with you about the grocery stores. Get that eVic card!
    I heard Sunday night that Greenhouse Coffee is a no-go. Doesn’t Trailside Coffee have some healthy stuff in addition to the Bodo’s and Spudnuts? They carry Revolutionary Soup.
    I’ll bet if you brought up your issues to John at Mudhouse he would address them. And speaking of Mudhouse, I was hoping you’d be at the Crozet P.A.R.C event; I would like to meet you one day…

  2. Chuck –

    Thanks for the comment; I was hoping to make it to the Mudhouse on Sunday but I couldn’t quite make it (obviously). 🙂

    On the comments – they’re not mine, but other commenters here on RealcrozetVA … and I absolutely agree with you. Trailside & Mudhouse are among the best and most responsive businessess in the Charlottesville or Crozet area.

  3. It would be really great if we could get a local sandwich shop here, aside from Subway. Subway’s ok, but something like what Mudhouse and Trailside are to coffee, a nice locally owned/run sandwich shop would be really nice.

  4. Ever been to The Carving Board at Albemarle Square? It’s great; good, simple food at reasonable prices and friendly people. I wonder if Crozet could support it, tho’; they are always jammed.

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